Mini Series: Sailor Yama Dori Ink Review

This will be the final review in the Sailor ink mini series. To see the other reviews that make up this mini series click on the links below:

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Sailor Blue Black

Sailor Yama-Dori is a widely loved teal ink famed for its shading and sheen. When searching for a teal ink recommendations usually point to Sailor Yama-Dori.

I have a couple of teal inks that I enjoy so I haven’t really needed to try an alternative. Strangely hearing so much praise for Yama-Dori put me off a little. The high expectations I had probably wouldn’t meet the hype. This is where sample inks are perfect. If you’re disappointed you haven’t wasted money. Therefore with little risk, and as I was ordering other samples, I thought it was the perfect time to give this ink a test run.


I have been using this ink in my broad nib TWSBI 580. A broad nib gives me a great view of the ink showing off its shading and sheen.

The shading is good. The teal tones from this Sailor ink give you some real variances in the depth of the colour on the page. The colour is very pretty with the light shades looking really quite green.


And then there is that red sheen that shines on the page. That’s what really makes this ink colour pop. When you look at the ink in the light you see another element of the ink that is striking and very pretty.

Like the other Sailor inks I have used in this mini series the flow of this ink is great. It’s smooth on the page, wet and feels dreamy to write with. I have enjoyed this ink more than I expected, the hype is totally justified. Anyone who enjoys dark inks, or teal inks or fun and quirky inks will really get a kick out of Sailor Yama-Dori.

Final mini series thoughts.

What this mini series has taught me is that Sailor has some great quality inks. Some of the colours perform better than others and have more to show off to the customer. The hype around some of their ink colours is completely justified. I enjoyed the Blue Black ink so much I snapped up a bottle and this has become an ink I use regularly. Now if only Sailor expanded heir offering in the UK and Europe and offer their full range of Jentle inks.

A mass of Uni-ball pens

Last month Uni-ball offered to send me a selection of their products to review on the blog. I have been using a few of these pens over the past few weeks to test out how they work in my everyday writing. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and aren’t influenced by Uni-ball in any way.

Uni-ball Air

Part of the Uni-ball package were two Uni-ball Air pens. I wasn’t familiar with these pens before testing them out for this review. The first thing I noticed was how the grip section through to the tip of the pen merged into one. It’s very distinctive and looks a little futuristic. It does make it hard to see where the tip is and took some getting used.

The grip section on the Air isn’t particularly comfortable. It’s completely smooth made from a high gloss plastic material which isn’t grip friendly.

I received both pens with a broad tip. There isn’t a specific size call out but it’s definitely edging towards the 1mm tip size. The ink performs well on a variety of different paper stocks, although on the Mnemosyne paper I did notice a bit of feathering. The ink flows as you would expect from a rollerball pen and the colours are deep and vibrant which is good.

I don’t think the Air would be a pen I would buy. In Uni-balls current line-up I don’t really see the appeal, I think there are other rollerballs that work better and have better tip sizes, such as the Vision Elite.

Uni-ball Signo TSI

The Signo TSI is Uni-balls version of the Pilot Frixon erasable pen. I didn’t actually realise this when I started using the pen, but after a while the rubber like end of the pen intrigued me enough to test if this was an eraser.

Again the grip section on this pen is a smooth matte plastic material with an attempt at ridges cut in to give grip but they’re pretty useless. The ink is ok, a little patchy and I am not sure if that’s the ink colour I have or the ink make-up of the pen.

Erasable pens may have a purpose and of use to some people but it’s not something I need or enjoy using. I think there is a big sacrifice in the performance of the ink which I prefer not to take.


I have reviewed the Uni-pin drawing pens on the blog before therefore I won’t regurgitate old opinions. I did receive a few of these pens including a blue and red version which I hadn’t tried before. I have been using these pens in my bullet journal for marking off tasks and adding colour accents to my headers. For drawing pens I like using black ink and always have a use for these but less so on the coloured ink pens.

I do enjoy the Uni Pin drawing pens a lot and think they are one of my favourites. The price is great and they write really well therefore I would always recommend these pens.

Overall thoughts

This Uni-ball pen pack didn’t really showcase the best of what Uni-ball has to offer. I have used a few of their products in the past and I have always liked the Uni-ball rollerball pens. The Air and the Signo TSI feel weak in comparison to other pens within their line-up and there just isn’t enough pull to make me want to buy and use these pens.

Thank you Uni-ball for sending me this selection of pens to test. All views expressed in this review are my own.

1 year of memories

1 year of memories are enclosed in these notebooks

1 year of memories are enclosed in these notebooks

Today’s blog post is a little different from my usual stuff. I have been writing and re-writing this post for a few weeks trying to get the content right. It’s a post I’ve felt compelled to write, so I hope you enjoy it.

My first notebook is very simple

My first notebook is very simple

When I found out I was pregnant I was adamant that I would record every element of my pregnancy. I wanted to write down how I felt during the different stages and have a dedicated place to document how my body changed over the nine months. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I bought a Travelers Notebook refill that was used as a dedicated pregnancy journal.

My personal memory archive

Including photographs helped to document how I was changing

Including photographs helped to document how I was changing

Recently my little one turned a year old and in that time I have filled four Travelers Notebook refills. Once my son was born I continued to journal mostly about him but I also included snippets about how I was coping as a new parent, things that were mind boggling and many of the entries show how exhausted I was.

These notebooks are precious to me because of all the details they hold.

The first visit to Father Christmas

The first visit to Father Christmas

I have copies on my sons first passport photo, some hair from his first haircut, his first visit to Father Christmas and first Christmas letter; I have scan photos from before he arrived, his palm print on a piece of scrap paper before we put the finished version on my husbands birthday card. I have a record of his first day at nursery and his first birthday. Some of these entries are hurried and not as perfect as I would like them to be but it’s not important because I have a record. The style of each entry tells its own story.

Over time my journaling has changed

In the early hazy stages these journals were functional. Half of one notebook is purely writing, there is no decoration, no consideration of my thoughts it’s almost a brain dump on the page.

As I warmed up and began figuring out what I wanted from these notebooks I took photos on my phone and printed these out using washi tape to add them into the journal.

Recording our first trip to Scotland

Recording our first trip to Scotland

Since my little one has grown older and I have my evenings back, the words have become fewer and I have started to include more photographs. Like most parents I am constantly taking photos of my son on my phone many of which get looked at again. The photos I have taken on my Instax camera are more considered, I consciously grab the camera and take a photo in order to record a memory of an event down in my journal.

Every time I add something into my journal I include the date. Over time this has simply been written, over a period of time this turned to brush lettering. I have everything in chronological order to show how my little one has developed and grown over time.

I love looking back and seeing everything we have done over the course of the year, it shows a full and busy year.

A much more decorative spread

A much more decorative spread

The stationery specifics

My pregnancy and baby journaling has allowed me to use lots of different stationery items, some of which include:

Instax mini camera
2 blank and 1 kraft Travelers Company refill Washi tape Photo corners Rubber stamps and ink Numerous different fountain pens and inks Tombow dual brush pens Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pens Uni-pin drawing pen
Midori clear pockets

The next year

My latest journal

My latest journal

I have just started my fifth refill. I am always refining my journaling style trying to find that perfect-for-me approach. I find Instagram and YouTube really helpful in giving me ideas on how to be creative and to keep my journaling interesting.

This post has perhaps been a little indulgent and I have tried to keep various elements private but during the past year my love of stationery has helped me to create some of my most prized possessions. I am not sure I would remember so much or be able to share memories with my son later on if I didn’t have these notebooks.

My completed notebooks 

My completed notebooks 

Mini Series: Sailor Jentle Kin-Mokusei

Todays review is the third in my Sailor ink mini series and it’s a good one because I think the Sailor Kin-Mokusei is my favourite Sailor ink so far. I was intrigued by an orange Sailor ink because of the adoration that Sailor Apricot received and thought that Kin-Mokusei could be overshadowed. I have never used Sailor Apricot so cannot offer any sort of comparison but the Kin-Mokusei is a very very good orange ink.

Kin-Mokusei is a light orange ink that really reminds me of a summers sunset. It has some lovely shading adding something special to this ink. The lighter shades of this ink show yellow tones that give this ink its light colour.

Before I started using this ink I was concerned it wasn't going to be an ink for writing; that the light colour would be more pretty than practical. I was wrong. This ink is very light but it’s perfectly legible in my notebooks and I haven’t struggled at all. In my journaling it looks great and for long form writing it makes a really nice change adding a great pop of colour.

A week of Kin-Mokusei in my Travelers Notebook

A week of Kin-Mokusei in my Travelers Notebook

Sailor’s Kin-Mokusei was a happy surprise. I tend to use dark ink colours so orange inks aren’t normally a colour I pay too much attention to. I am really pleased that I gave this colour a punt because it’s lovely. I think some time in the near future I will be buying a full bottle.

I have two previous reviews within this mini series, Sailor Blue Black and Sailor Jentle Fuji-Musume, if you have some more time why not take a look.