Mid-Week Mini: Field Notes Three Missions Summer 2018 Colors Edition


The Field Notes summer limited edition this year is called Three Missions and is centred around a space theme. This edition is different in that it features a photograph cover, similar to America the Beautiful and Campfire editions.


Each notebook features a different American space mission photo on the cover which has a glossy shiny feeling to it. The front shows a photograph of the shuttle, or a specific moment from the mission. The reverse includes the information on that mission and some interesting facts. Internal cover stock is a really nice light blue shade which compliments this edition nicely.


The books show the progression of the American space race, from orbiting the earth with Mercury, walking in space with Gemini and then walking on the moon with Apollo.


The paper inside is the standard 60#T paper in white with a really nice subtle grey ruling for the grid paper. The paper performs like many of the recent Field Notes limited editions working really nice with pencils, gel pens and ballpoints. Fountain pens not so much.


My feelings on this edition are mixed. I have been using the Mercury because I liked the lighter cover colour but these photograph covers are not really my cup of tea. I can see the appeal and I am sure lots of people, even the non Field Notes enthusiasts, will snap a pack of these up.

I do like the feel of the covers with the ‘aqueous coating’ that makes it feel a bit more hardwearing. The paper is nice and I have been using my notebook with a Blackwing 54 a lot and the pairing is really nice.

I would say from the releases this year, as part of my subscription this has been my least favourite. They are more likely to be a notebook I will share with others and give out, rather than keep and use for myself.

On the extras that came with this edition, the build it yourself space crafts and a decal, these were great additions. Mine sadly did not last in the hands of a 2 year old. They were quickly ripped up. I found them fiddly to put together, but its a really cool addition especially for the space lover in your life.


Finally, the video that compliments this release is probably my favourite yet. The fact they actually sent one of these models into space is crazy, but then thats the Field Notes crew. If you haven’t watched the video, or read the accompanying blog post go and check them out.

Mid-Week Mini: Rollo London A6 Hardy Notebook


Rollo London sent me over a copy of their new Paperchase Hardy notebooks to test run before the launch. All the thoughts expressed in this review are my own.

I have reviewed a Rollo London Hardy notebook in the past. Alex from Rollo got in touch recently asking if I would like to review another one of their notebooks that will be featuring in Paperchase in the UK.


The red A6 Hardy notebook is much like its larger partner. There are 192 pages of cream lined paper. The hard cover exterior has a textured finish with the Rollo London dog charm attached to the front.


There is an elastic closure, rear pocket on the back inside cover and a black bookmark. The Hardy comes with most of the things you would expect from a high end notebook.


I have been using this notebook for a couple of weeks testing out various different pens and pencils. The paper handled most of the pens I use everyday pretty well. There was however quite a bit of show through on the page particularly with fountain pens, with some of my heavier marks leaving a trace on the reverse page.

The lined ruling feels a little tight on the page. I have quite big handwriting and found it hard to keep within the ruling. I also wish the line shade was a little lighter so it was less distracting. Finally it would be good if the ruling was across the full width of the page and the blank boarder disappeared.


You can tell the Hardy notebook is quality and high end. The finish is excellent, but for me a few improvements to the paper would really elevate these notebooks and make them even better.

The Hardy can now be found in Paperchase. I would like to thank Rollo London for sending me the Hardy to review.


Mid-Week Mini: Field Notes Signature


It’s not often that the guys at Field Notes release a new addition to their standard product line-up but in the not so distant past they released the Signature Series. This came to the Field Notes flock due to huge demand after the success of their Dime limited edition.

Size comparison against a Two Rivers pocket size Field Notes

Size comparison against a Two Rivers pocket size Field Notes

The Signature comes in a slightly larger size, 4 1/4” x 6 1/2” and with 72 rather than 48 pages. There are two different book options, one ruled (hurrah!) and the other is a sketchbook with plain paper. Both notebooks have a heavier paper stock, 70#T, which is again welcome as it really opens up the variety of writing tools you can use. For some time the lack of a heavier paper stock from Field Notes has limited how and when I use their products, but the Signature has changed all that. I have been happily using fountain pens with no feathering or bleed through and testing out some of my coloured pencils in the sketchbook.

The binding on the Signature gives this notebook its name. The three staples are ditched and a signature binding used which accommodates the size and additional pages.


The binding also means the notebook lays almost flat which really is needed on these types of notebooks.


On the spine the notebook particulars are debossed. These small details really finish off this product nicely and set it apart from the pocket notebooks.

A few of these lined up on a shelf would look sweet!

A few of these lined up on a shelf would look sweet!

Each version of the Signature has its own colour. The sketchbook is a lovely blue-grey shade and the ruled notebook is a creamy colour. The branding is debossed giving it a really nice subtle finish.


We have grown accustomed to good design from Field Notes. The Signature is very muted and simple but the little Field Notes Flourish (FNF) creeps in and I love it. For this notebook it comes with the logo which is delicious. You see this on the belly band and also debossed on the back of the notebook. It’s such a simple logo, it doesn’t have any new information on it, or anything specific to this notebook as such but I really like it. Thick lines!


There’s a lot to like about the Signature notebooks and it’s a fab addition to the Field Notes line. I haven’t liked a new Field Notes notebook, limited editions included, as much as this one for some time. The muted colours are beautiful and will give this line longevity. The ruled and plain paper may not be to everyones favour but personally I love them. Grid paper is used so often in the pocket notebook sizes I think we are due to some alternatives and putting these into the larger size makes sense. The sketchbook couldn’t come at a better time for me in my sketching journey so I love this too. I’m going to stick my neck out and say these are my favourite Field Notes they have released and fit into my notebook usage perfectly.

Bravo Field Notes!

The Nomad Factory Travellers Notebook Review


The Nomad Factory contacted me recently and asked if I would like to test run one of their Travelers Notebooks. All thoughts in this post are my own.

I wasn’t aware of The Nomad Factory before they contacted me asking if I would like the review one of their Travelers Notebooks. They’re based in the UK with the leather sourced from Yorkshire and the notebooks created in London. It’s nice to see a UK stationery company creating high quality and well considered products.

The Nomad Factory’s take on the Travelers Notebook.

It’s obvious from the moment you open up your package that The Nomad Factory has thought about the presentation and delivery of their leather notebook covers. The product arrives in a kraft box that’s filled with torn kraft paper.

The notebook itself is held in a cloth bag with The Nomad Factory’s branding on the front. This cloth cover is thick and sturdy, moreso than the Travelers Company equivalent.


The notebook is similar to what you would recognise from the Travelers Company. It comes in the standard A5 slim size. There are three different leather colour options, black, brown and rustic (which looks like a worn brown colour). I have the black one which I have been using for a few weeks now.

I’ve noticed as I’ve used my notebook that the leather doesn’t mark easily. Personally I don’t mind scratches and signs of wear and tear but this leather holds up well with use. Alongside this its also lovely and soft to the touch.


The elastic with each of the notebooks matches the leather colour. It’s fixed from the spine rather than from the back flap and there are no knots but a clean clasp that means no lumps or bumps from your notebook.


All of the elastic is secured by a metal clasp that hangs from the bottom of the notebook which almost feels like a bookmark.

Let’s talk paper.

The Nomad Factory notebook comes with three inserts. There is a ruled, grid and plain insert each with 32 pages. This is less that you would normally expect, I think for this size the common number of pages is 64, but the quality of the paper is good.


They handle most of my writing materials well. I have used fountain pens without any bleed through issues and no feathering that I noticed. The grid lines are a muted grey colour and not too bold and distracting. That’s a big win for me. I did a small pen test also throwing in a few ink and drawing pens to see how the paper held up.


With the Noodlers Black ink in my brush pen the paper did buckle a little under the weight of the ink and the Copic marker bled through quite badly. Neither of these things are a surprise. All of the other writing tools I used worked really well on the paper.


How I’ve been using my Nomad Factory notebook.

I have been using this notebook as a catch all. I’ve used the ruled notebook for my morning pages, the grid notebook as my work notebook and I intended to use the plain for doodling but this didn’t really pan out. The cardboard insert holds a few Baron Fig Strategist notecards in there for any throw away notes and a washi tape card.

For a small period of time I did throw in my Superior Labor pouch but this really stretched the leather far too much and made the notebook too bulky. I think three inserts is the maximum this is set-up to handle.


The Nomad Factory also sent me through a small pouch filled with clips and bookmarks. There were a range of different options and sizes such as book darts, arrow clips, skeleton clips and fish clips, both of which in small and large sizes. I love these style clips. They look good and come in copper, silver and gold and they are so handy. The small pouch is also really handy.


Overall thoughts.

I really like The Nomad Factory’s take on the Travelers Notebook style leather notebook cover. The leather quality is really nice and it takes being used and thrown around well. The Nomad Factory also offer a few different variety bundles and starter packs which would make great additions or gifts. I think these notebooks are a great Travelers Notebook option and comparably priced with other products you can find online but they include the inserts to get you started. The leather is perhaps a little thin if you’re a heavy user, or someone who needs some sturdiness to their leather notebook cover.

Thanks again to the Nomad Factory for sending me this notebook to review on the blog.