Kaweco Classic Sport: A Review

The Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen is a great pen. The Kaweco Classic Sport are a series of short, stubby fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens and a mechanical pencil. The Classic is the lowest spec in a range which offers an AL and ART Sport version. Usually this style of pen is not something I would be interested in for a number of reasons but I have been pleasantly surprised. 

Measures about 10.5cm - see short and stubby

Measures about 10.5cm - see short and stubby

A look at the gold trim and the Kaweco logo

A look at the gold trim and the Kaweco logo


Model: Kaweco Classic Sport  

Colour: Blue  

Nib: Extra Fine  


I have been using this fountain pen for a few months and I am really happy with it. The Classic is a pocket sized pen making it very practical if you want a fountain pen to use when on the move. Personally I use this pen when travelling back and forth to work and it holds up really well.

The Classic is also incredibly light. I was really very surprised when I first started using it and it took some getting used to. The weight is obviously due to the plastic barrel and the size of the pen, but nonetheless it's still surprising.

Let's talk nibs, the heart of a fountain pen, the reason so many people love them. I am in no way an authority on nibs, but I am fussy when it comes to a fountain pen - I know what I like. Personally I am a lover of fine nib pens (although I don't have any broad or stub nib pens so I can't really comment at the moment). For this pen I opted for the extra fine nib and I love how thin and crisp the lines are. When doing large amounts of everyday writing at work or when I am studying I need to have a clear line, it makes everything easier to read and this fits the bill perfectly. My writing although messy is super crisp. The nib is a little scratchy at times but I kinda like that especially on a cheaper pen. 

Gold, gold, gold! 

Gold, gold, gold! 

Finally the price on this pen is fantastic! £20 for a fountain pen is a cracking deal and for someone who is unsure on using a fountain pen I would highly recommend this. You really don't have a lot to lose. 


Material - yes there are benefits but personally I should have opted for the AL Sport version of this fountain pen. This will definitely be something I add to at a later date. I think for the additional cost the experience of the pen will be much better. 

Gold accents - I am not sure if this is a con or not. Something I have been debating. I don't mind them too much, I don't think they are a selling point which is why we're down here in the cons. For the Classic silver is not an option which is a shame as I think most of these pens would look a lot better. This shouldn't put you off however, not at this price. After a while it isn't something you notice. 

Due to the size of this pen it makes it pretty difficult to write without having the cap posted. Usually I would not post the cap on my pens, they get flung on the desk. This is again a consideration or something to get used to. Writing for long periods without the cap posted is difficult and you also lose a lot of the weight, which sits in the cap, making it harder to write.


I am really happy with this pen and feel that this has started a long love affair with Kaweco. I rate this pen pretty high, probably one of my favourites at the moment. This is not a pen you have to feel precious about or worry throwing it in your bag. It holds up well and surprisingly for the price it writes well. It has also got me thinking that the Kaweco AL Sport or Art Sport may need to be my next fountain pen purchase, this time with a converter to expand the possibilities of this pen into uncharted ink territory.  

Rating: 4/5  


A final note on this post, this has been written using an iPad app. Photos have been taken using my iPhone.