Diamine Orange Ink Review

Diamine ink has done it again. I chose the Diamine Orange ink purely based on cost, viewing it as a short term ink solution that allowed me to use a lovely bright colour with paying Pilot Iroshizuku prices. Because of this my expectations were low. Turns out I love the Diamine Orange ink.

The orange is a fantastic shade that isn't too light, or washed out. Rather it's a bold and strong perfect for blocks of writing in a funky colour. I have used this ink in numerous notebooks and on different paper stocks. Obviously the more fountain paper friendly the better this ink holds up. In my Rhodia Pad, which is used in the ink review photo, you can see the crisp lines but also how well the colour holds up on the page. 

There is some shading with this ink, but not a lot. I am currently using a TWSBI EF nib fountain pen so shading generally is pretty minimal. I would love to try this out in a stub nib fountain pen to see if there is any difference in the perforamance. 


Diamine are a great ink option for really reasonable prices. I picked up this 30ml bottle for less than £3. There are other size options but I didn't want to risk it if I wasn't sure on the colour. For the cost, this ink is fantastic and I would highly recommend. It's a lovely colour for the Autumn season too.