Baron Fig Interview - Tools and Toys

Today I caught up with some of my online reading and the below quote resonated with me from the Baron Fig Interview with Tools and Toys: 

You guys are “designers, illustrators, writers, entrepreneurs and the like”. I’m curious to know what your own relationship between the digital and the analog looks like.

Joey: In my mind, there is little differentiation between digital and analog. My primary concern is using the best tool for the job. In the case of ideation and brainstorming, a blank page is simply the best way to go.

Adam: Both digital and analog have their highly beneficial uses. With digital products you have an entire world of information at your fingertips. For looking up ideas and communicating this is extremely useful. But for pure thinking and brainstorming that flexibility is often a distraction. When I really want to think, I put away all the digital objects and sit with a pen and a notebook, and write down a stream of thoughts. For me, a lot of big thinking is done away from digital.


I am a fan of the Baron Fig notebooks and completely agree with their creators perspective on how we treat analogue and digital tools. You can read the full interview here.