Palomino Starter Pack

Palomino starter pack

Palomino starter pack

Pencils are a bit of an unknown to me. The only time I find a need for them is when I am studying and scribbling in text books (they're less dangerous than a pen). 

Since becoming entrenched in pen and pencil blogs I had noticed a lot of chatter about the Palomino Blackwing series. These were pretty tough to come by in the UK, however after some digging around I managed to get a few of the Palomino Blackwing singles from The Journal Shop and later some Blackwing 602s. I will go into how I felt about these pencils in much more detail in a future post.   

After some initial experience with the Palomino pencils and listening to the Erasable podcast I was introduced to the world of pencils at so I snagged myself one of their Palomino collection packs. 10 beautiful pencils to get you started in the Palomino world. I haven't used all of them so far but this pack is a great deal. To do it justice I will get some mini reviews out on each of the pencils but I am really happy with the result so far. 

Pencils could become part of my everyday rotation. Who knew!