Pilot MR (Metropolitan)

The Pilot MR (or Metropolitan if you live in America) is a great entry level fountain pen. I have bought a few fountain pens that fit in the sub £20 bracket, mainly German brands, but the Pilot MR is quite possibly my favourite. 

I love the colour of this pen


Did the Kardashians have a hand in this design?

Did the Kardashians have a hand in this design?

Based on the Pilot MR designs I am guessing that they were trying to produce a female friendly fountain pen. I am not sure many guys would go for animal print themed designs. I opted for the white, almost pearlised barrel with the lovely white tiger stripes. In the flesh this pen looks a lot better than it does in photos. The Pilot MR range has a great variety of design options available which makes this fountain pen more appealing to a wider range of people.  


I had to opt for the medium nib pen when ordering here in the UK. It doesn't seem that my preferred fine or extra fine options have reached this islands shores just yet which is a bit of a shame. Despite the thick lines of this MR the nib feels sturdy. This is my first experience with a Japanese fountain pen and I am not at all disappointed. There is a great design on the fountain pen nib which shows a a thoughtful design consideration in all aspects of this pen. This seems to be a bit of a Pilot theme as you see something similar, although a bit more fun, on the Pilot Kakuno.  

A slightly blurry nib shot


I have taken a side by side compare with the Lamy Safari and the Kaweco Classic Sport. The Pilot MR is comparable to the Lamy Safari is its size, but when looking at the weight of the pen they are very different. The Pilot MR is a metal pen that provides a nice additional weight and makes the MR feel like a more superior pen than it actually is. 

Lamy Safari, Pilot MR, Kaweco Classic Sport - for scale 


For me this is a huge winner. For less than £20 you get a great fountain pen and for people unsure of fountain pens this is the perfect solution. I think you get far more for your money when compared to the Lamy Safari or the Kaweco Classic Sport due to the pen design and the weight. For someone venturing into the fountain pen world this is gives far better insight into the quality that a fountain pen can offer.


Big Big BIG fan of this pen. Can you tell? There is a convertor option which opens up the world of ink experimentation. For someone looking to try out a fountain pen this would be my number one recommendation.

Now I just need to wait for a UK stockist to get the finer nib, and I'll be in MR heaven! 

Awful picture - sorry about that