Fine Links

Kaweco Germany Gives Us a Look Inside the Warehouse - Pen Paper Ink Letter

The is a great post for a pen geek. Getting to see how Kaweco do their pen testing is really interesting.

Better Handwriting on Tap - The Cramped 

I think this is something we can all related to. There are some great tips in this post on how to improve your handwriting. 

Adding Some Colour to Your Workspace - The Well Appointed Desk 

I am in the process of buying a house and have been thinking a lot about what my new workspace will be like. This post came along just in time. Now to spend hours trawling through Pinterest.

Top 5 Pocket Notebooks - Pen Paper Ink Letter

Pocket notebooks have been the thing I seem to use more than any other notebook. Its always nice to see other peoples perspectives on pocket notebooks.

Parker Jotter 60th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen Review - Pen Addict

I haven't owned or used a Parker pen since school. This post brings back some memories and has got me thinking about a nice Parker Jotter.

Filed Notes Field Trip - The Well Appointed Desk

Who isn't going to love this post. 

Baron Fig Confident Review - Modern Stationer 

I have been looking at these notebooks for some time now and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't back the Kickstarter campaign as international shipping has not yet been launched, They just look so pretty. Great review from Modern Stationer

My Favourite Field Notes Editions - The Newsprint

Always interesting to see what Field Notes other people like and why.