Render K Review

This blog post has been some time coming. I have had the Render K in my possession for a while now. I deliberated quite a bit before buying this pen. I was concerned that I would be disappointed with the experience after the massive hype the Render K gets online and I didn't want to be left disappointed. To top it off my experience with the Pilot Hi-Tec-C's and Pilot G-Tec-C4's had left me a little underwhelmed and buying a pen that suited this refill didn't seem to make a lot of sense. Despite this curiosity got the better of me and I took the plunge, and I am seriously glad I did. This pen is awesome!

I have never had a pen that has completely changed the writing experience of a refill. Pilot is fast becoming one of my favourite pen brands, but in the most part because companies like the guys at Karas Kustoms have made some amazing pens to work with the available refills. Karas Kustoms have tapped into everything that is good about the Pilot Hi-Tec-C and G-Tec-C4 pens.

I opted for the violet Render K. Honestly I didn't have a lot of choice when I was buying the pen. There were a few of the aluminium options left and an orange version, but I have a lot of orange going on at the moment so violet seemed to be the sensible choice. In the flesh I am really happy with the colour. It looks great and isn't too in your face. 

Thats a lot of purple!

Thats a lot of purple!

Render K handwritten in my Field Notes of course

I started using the Render K with the Pilot Hi-Tec-C mainly because this seems to be the popular choice. I am not a huge fan of the Hi-Tec-C,  I find it pretty scratchy on the page and feel like it makes my handwriting really messy. I usually love a fine line pen but this just seemed to take away the joy of a thin crisp line and just tear up my notebooks (ok, not literally).

When I threw in one of my G-Tec-C4 refills the whole experience changed. I fell in love with this pen. It comes now with me everywhere. It really has become the every day carry pen for me. I use this in my Field Notes books and as Ed Jelley mentioned these are a match made in heaven. Field Notes should do a special edition of this pen and sell it on their site. The Render K works so well with the standard Field Notes paper and is a great option when you can't reach for a beloved fountain pen.

A match made in pen heaven

A match made in pen heaven

The pen is made from machined aluminium and as a result is super durable so you don't have to worry about bashing it about. I haven't had any trouble with the cap coming off the pen in my bag because of the screw top. Every element of the Render K has been thought through to ensure that you really can use this as an every day carry pen and not worry about protecting it. The durability is evident in the design. You have the knurled section at the top of the pen cap, and a rather beefy looking pen clip which are screwed in with visible bolts at the top of the pen. This pen feels industrial and durable. 

If there was ever a pen I would recommend to anyone it would be this. There are many fountain pens that I enjoy but mostly that is based on personal preferences. The Render K to me feels like a universal pen that anyone would enjoy. No matter what sort of pen you like I feel like you couldn't go wrong with this.

The guys over at Karas Kustoms have done an amazing job on the Render K, which they have heard before from numerous sources, such as this onethis one and this one (to name a few). But I am a huge fan of their pens. And the Render K wasn't even the pen I was looking for when I went over to their website, I was eyeing up the Retrakt but at the time it was sold out. (The Retrakt is now back in stock so I am going to head over and buy one before they disappear.)