Palomino Prospector Review

The Palomino Prospector is a fine pencil. There are a lot of benefits to the Prospector - it looks great, nice graphite, fantastic price. Pros pros pros. 

Both colour options 

Both colour options 


The main man himself - The Prospector 

The main man himself - The Prospector 

This stumped me for a while. Palomino Prospector is a great name for a pencil! I have tried to find out the origins of the name but have drawn a blank, if anyone does know anything on this please leave me a comment, I'd love to get to the bottom of it.

My childish side also comes out with the name of this pencil. It reminds me of one of the best Toy Story characters ever, and then gives me a little giggle every time I reach for 'The Prospector' (said in Kelsey Grammers iconic voice of course).


We all love nice looking things, and many of us who adore stationary love it when something not only works well but looks good too. For me the Prospector ticks these boxes. The colour options on the Palomino Prospector are a great bright green or a natural colour. I have one of each due to the famous Palomino Collection pack, which is where most of my pencil related reviews have come from. The green gives you a lovely pop of colour but the Prospector also comes in subtle natural finish for those who feel the green is too bright. Both pencils have a sheen on the barrel due to the coating on the pencil. This also gives the natural Prospector more of a finished feel. I think it's great that the Prospector comes in these two colour options. They're giving the people what they want. A delightful light gold ferrule and white rubber top off the pencil. Gold lettering adorns the side of the pencil barrel with the Palomino and Prospector branding side by side. A great big USA logo is also found on the pencil, reminding customers that these pencils are made in America. 

Close up of the logos on the Prospector - there are quite a few


The price of the Prospector pencils are a huge bonus. For a very reasonable $1.95 for the natural option or $2.25 for the green for 12 pencils is quite unbelievable. I'm not sure you can get a coffee for that price. These prices are based on what is currently shown on as I am not aware of any UK or European retails who sell these pencils. 

Writing Style

The Prospector holds up well for those with the heavy hand. This pencil is perfect for people who are using it for extensive writing or note taking. The graphite can hold a heavy hand very well and you do not need to sharpen the pencil too often in order for the Prospector to hold a point. The graphite is a cool soft grey that looks great on the page and incurs minimal smudging. The written review on the right does not do the graphite justice, the Rhodia bright blue lines dull the colour of the graphite. 


What are you waiting for? Buy the Palomino Prospector pencils and fast! They really are a lovely pencil to use.