Diamine Claret Ink Review

This will be my first ink review on The Finer Point and I hope you find it useful. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see in future ink reviews from The Finer Point. 

I purchased the Diamine Claret ink cartridges as an alternative ink colour choice to the traditional run of the mill blue and black ink cartridges you get when buying a new pen. Finding ink cartridges in some really adventurous colours however is a bit of a challenge. Diamine were one of the only brands who had a variety of colours on offer. 

With a lot of my fountain pens I have bought convertors in order to use my bottled ink, but in some cases these options don't always work too well. One of which is the Kaweco Classic Sport where the convertor option isn't as easy to use. For this sort of fountain pen the Diamine ink cartridges work really well. 

Now down to the actual ink itself. The Diamine Claret ink colour comes with some gorgeous hints of pink, purple and slight red undertones. I have found that this colour has really grown on me the more I used it. When writing you get some great shading which is even visible with my EF nib on the Kaweco. I can imagine in a broader nib, say Medium and up, you would get some great pops of colour and contrasts between the deep purple shades and the lighter pink tones. 

When using the pen in the light different tones become visible. As the light catches the ink you see something different, there is real depth in this ink colour. You also get variations in the colour based on the paper stock being used. I have found this works really well on the Rhodia No.14 pad, which my written review has been carried out on, the Doane paper pocket notebooks and the Mnemosyne notebooks. On Field Notes or standard paper you do not see as much of a variation in the colour. This is to be expected though based on the paper quality. 

For my first dip and exploration into an adventurous ink colour I am really happy with the Diamine Claret ink. It's a nice alternative colour for fountain pen use and is not too crazy that you can't get away with using this at work. 

A hint of the Claret ink when held up to the light...well sort of.

A hint of the Claret ink when held up to the light...well sort of.