A3 Notebook Review

I came across the notebooks after seeing a review online and as are a British company I felt compelled to support them and buy some notebooks, (nothing to do with a huge notebook obsession at all!). Everything that produce is made right here in the UK from sustainable sources. 

I looked through the store and decided to buy a couple of products, one of which being this lovely A3 notebook. I am a part time student, in my fourth year of studying and an A3 notebook is pretty essential for me. When it comes to prepping for assignments, creating a timeline (pretty essential in history) or dumping everything in my head onto paper the A3 notebook is my saviour. Over the years I have found it hard to find a high quality A3 notebook and successfully fill this void. 

Looking at this notebook from the outside in, you are presented with a matt black cover in a heavy 350gsm paper stock, with an inoffensive logo in the bottom right hand corner. You're not going to find a notebook cover very easily in this size, so having a strong cover is important. 

As the name suggests products use dot grid paper system. I particularly like the subtle and unimposing design, the dot grid is there purely for guidance. You get 48 pages per notebook so it doesn't come in too bulky. It lies out nice and flat, but to be honest I would expect that from a wire bound notebook. I am not normally a fan of wire bound notebooks as I find that the binding can get in the way when you're writing. With this design the wire binding is minimal and small, made to fit the size of the notebook. 

One thing that has impressed me with this notebook is the range of different pens that this paper can handle. I have used a variety of different pens on this paper, each presented neatly for you to see below. From fountain pens, pencils and heavier markers, most hold up well. There is minimal feathering with bleed through only visible on the Sharpie. The paper reminds me a bit of the Rhodia however the stock is heavier. 

The Pen test

Reverse results 

Reverse results 

One small downside with is their pricing. The A3 notebook is £22 which seems a bit pricey and definitely makes me think a bit more before purchasing. They do however offer a few different notebook options for people looking for more traditional sizes and these are still fairly expensive but a bit more affordable, more than likely due to size. 

If you're shopping for a premium notebook then I would consider the notebooks. One big bonus for me is that these are British designed and produced. I really like how some of my favourite brands are embracing the Made in the USA vibe and it would be great to see some more of that mentality from British brands. 

From that perspective these guys are well worth considering and keeping in mind the next time you're looking for a new notebook, or wanting to try out something different.