Kaweco Skyline Mint Fountain Pen



I think I am the midst of a Kaweco Sport love affair. The Mint Skyline was my second Kaweco Sport purchase. Very shortly afterwards I purchased another Kaweco Sport, but that's for another time and another review. 

Terrible skipping with this nib

There are some big benefits for me in the Kaweco Sport range and one of which is that you can easily swap out the nibs. After I decided to buy the Kaweco Skyline I wanted to be a bit more adventurous and try out a different nib size so took the plunge with a broad nib. This was my first ever broad nib fountain pen and to get the negative out of the way first...I don't like it. I have no issue with the line width, for certain uses I can imagine it would be enjoyable. But it skips. A lot! You can see from my written review to the right there are a lot of blank spots. I have found myself trying to adjust my grip when writing with this pen to try and make it work but it's just all wrong. I'm pretty disappointed and it's totally put me off broad nib Kawecos. For me fine or extra fine are the only nibs which perform as I like. I may have been unlucky and got a faulty nib but it's not a great experience. So my first task will be to order a replacement nib so that I can really enjoy this pen. 

Now I have the bad stuff out of the way, onto the good. I absolutely adore the colour of this pen. It's beautiful. The mint green is fresh and dreamy and a pretty unusual colour for a fountain pen at this price. It's definately very different from anything Kaweco have in their standard line-up.

The chrome detailing from the Skyline is lovely. I bought a chrome pen clip which almost has an old fashioned, vintage feel that compliments the pen perfectly. The chrome detailing on the Skyline range looks really nice. The Kaweco logo on the top of the pen cap, the clip and nib all compliment the Mint Green really well. As you can see in the photo below the traditional Sport range usually comes with gold detailing, so its a nice change to see a chrome option.

To me the Kaweco Skyline Sport range is the perfect gift giver. It's affordable at under £20, comes in colours that both guys and gals with like, and is a beauty. I bought my lovely husband a grey, fine nib version of this pen with Prussian Blue Diamine ink and I think I may have created a mini monster.   

The Skyline range comes in mint green, grey or black in a range of nib sizes. I have been using mine with Diamine Woodland Green ink cartridges. I highly recommend this pen and thoroughly enjoy using it. If you've never tried a fountain pen out before I think this should be a contender for your starter pen.  

Now all I need is Kaweco to do some alternative colours in the AL Sport range and I may skip around in glee.   

If anyone has suggestions for reliable and affordable fountain pens in broad nibs I am all ears. I am not ready to give up based on my first foray into the broad nib world!