August Loadout

My first loadout post was back in June with little changing through July. Coming into August I decided to change things up a bit and I have a whole new loadout for the month.   

Field Notes Workshop Companion - Gardening, Book 3  

The Gardening Workship Companion is my current pocket notebook. By far my biggest highlight with this edition is the new French Paper Company stock, which is seriously fountain pen friendly. I have used a range of foutain pens in this notebook and its taken them all on well. Once this notebook is full I will bring in the Field Notes Standard Issue DDC Factory Floor Memo Book in Welcome Hunters Orange. 

Field Notes Workshop Companion secured with a Marks Clip 

Field Notes Workshop Companion secured with a Marks Clip 

Kaweco AL Sport - Fine nib  

I bought this fountain pen in Berlin and have been using it ever since. This month I have it inked up with Diamine Woodland Green. This is a dark green ink which personally I prefer as I can find lighter green colours hard to read. The Kaweco AL Sport aluminum pen barrel is such a nice upgrade to the standard plastic sport model. I am really happy I bought one of these and seeing the pen in the flesh definitely helped.  

Karas Kustoms Ink - Fine nib 

I have written a recent post on the Karas Kustoms Ink and how much I love it. This pen has been in constant roatation since I first inked it up and I really enjoy using it. This is inked up with the Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai which you can read more about here.  

TWSBI 580 RB - Extra Fine nib 

I have used this fountain pen since I first bought it about a year ago. It writes well and has been a consistent performer. I have this inked up with Diamine Orange, I really enjoy the vibrant colour of this orange ink. I have found the TWSBI nibs perform well giving a nice thin line, no skipping and a good flow of ink. 

Pilot Metropolitan - Fine nib 

I inked this pen up after I recieved a sample of Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-Rin from Ian at Pens! Paper! Pencils! after a conversation on Twitter. This combination will not be a long term partnership as the fine nib on the Metropolitian is too fine to get the most from the Chiku-Rin ink colour. I have written a full review of the pros and cons of the Pilot Metropolitian which you can read about here.  

Caran d'Ache Mechanical Pencil 

This is a new addition and the main pencil I am using at the moment. Normally I would not opt to use a mechanical pencil however I was drawn to the Caran d'Ache pencil mainly due to the design, I love the vibrant red barrel colour. I was surprised when I started using the pencil how much I enjoyed the graphite. It writes really smoothly and the graphite has a lovely light tone. I can use this to travel and not worry about pencil caps, and it fits into any pen holder or case that I have to hand.  

This months pens and pencils written in my Midori MD A5 Notebook

This months pens and pencils written in my Midori MD A5 Notebook

Marks Clip - number 4  

I love the look of these traditional clips and I have been using mine to keep my Field Notes firmly shut. It works well and if I need to keep anything in my notebook the clip makes sure I don't lose any smaller pieces of paper. My current Marks Clip has started to patina with use, it was a shiny clip when I first started using it but it's worn with use and is covered in my finger prints. 

Midori MD A5 Notebook 

My use of the Midori MD A5 Notebook was detailed out in a recent post on how I use my notebooks. Essentially I am using this for extended journalling and for jotting down ideas in a longer format. I am still enjoying the Midori although I do find that some fountain pen and ink combinations do not work as well on the silkier paper.

Nock Co Fodderstack XL - Steel/Blue Jay 

This is a new purchase that I recieved mid way through July. The Fooderstack Steel/Blue Jay colour combo is gorgeous, a personal favourite of mine in the Nock Co line-up. This build quality is high, as with all of Nocks products I have recieved. Personally having my notebook and a pen in one slim format is really handy when searching quickly for something to write down. I am not sure yet whether I will find a regular use for this case but at the moment I am enjoying using it.

The Nock Co Fodderstack XL and the gorgeous Blue Jay interior 

The Nock Co Fodderstack XL and the gorgeous Blue Jay interior 

For August I have tried to reduce down the number of tools I am using whilst also trying to get the most from what I am using. I think I have achieved this as my extensive use of fountain pens is geared towards the notebooks I am using. Once I switch out my Field Notes to the DDC Factory Floor edition my use of fountain pens will drop off and pencils and gel pens will become a bit more dominant. 

As ever I would love to hear about what tools you are using and if you have any recommendations please share them below.