Link Love

Link Love is going to be a weekly feature here on The Finer Point. It will focus on what I have found interesting this week and a small description why. 

Field Notes Arts and Sciences Review - The Newsprint

This was a great review, really enjoyed seeing Josh's views on the latest Field Notes Brand release. Even more so as I still don't have mine yet. Damn the Atlantic! 

Erasable Podcast - Power to the PPIL - Episode 7

Enjoying hearing Heath's perspective on blogging about everything related to pen, paper, inks and letters. Really good guest. 

Notebook strategies - Pen Paper Ink Letter

Erasable episode 7 lead me to their show notes page and then onto one blog post from Heath. Very interesting to see how he uses his notebooks and amazing how many he has in use at once. I may replicate a post like this in the coming weeks. 

Paper Based Markup Systems - The Cramped

Journaling or different note taking systems is something I am interested in at the moment. This post has some great suggestions and is food for thought. 

Too fine?! The Pilot Metropolitan/Lizard/Fine nib - From the Pen Cup

I found this post interesting as I had just completed a post of the Pilot MT/Metropolitan. I found it additionally interesting as I really want to try out a fine nib on this pen however these are not yet available in the UK.