Diamine Turquoise: A drop in the ocean

I am becoming a big fan of Diamine inks for a variety of reasons. Firstly the wide range of colours available are really very good. Secondly there are a variety of refill options available, from cartridges, through to 50ml ink bottles. I have been using the Diamine cartridges in my Kaweco Sport fountain pens and the small 30ml bottled ink to try out interesting colours for any piston filled fountain pens I own. But lastly the Dimaine inks are affordable. All of these benefits allow you to experiment more with a broad range of ink colours, with very little risk. 

To drool over the full range of Diamine ink options available take a look here, or on the Diamine site. 

I recently bought the Diamine Floral ink assortment pack to test a range of different colours that I would not have specifically bought, and the Diamine Turquoise is one such example. Blues are generally not a colour I seek out when looking at fountain pen ink. They remind me of being at school and forced to use either a blue or black ink. But the Diamine Turquoise is actually pretty nice.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

It is a summery colour that stirs up images of the ocean, almost like photos of the Greek Islands with the crisp blue sky and a clear blue sea. Its bright blue tones are calming and very different to what I would normally choose.  

My ink review shows the great shading you see with this ink. I used this with a medium nib Kaweco Sport and you really notice the light and dark shades that it holds. The light blue is really bright and fresh and then you get a hint at the darker shade of turquoise. 

The Diamine assortment packs are a great way to try out a range of different colours. I have found that the turquoise makes a great change to my normal ink choices and proves to me that every once in a while you should try something that normally you wouldn't in the pen world.   

I am not sure if this will become a regular ink choice for me but for the time being I am enjoying the change.