September Loadout

Moving into September my loudout is changing again, particularly with regards to my paper tools. 

The Notebooks

Passport Size Midori Travelers Notebook (MTN) - I have had this for a long time. I bought it on a whim around a year ago hoping to use it as a Field Notes cover, but it doesn't completely fit. I couldn't get my head around the Travelers Notebook set-up so it has been sat in a drawer gathering dust ever since. However in August I decided to give it another go. I bought new refills, (002 Grid notebook, 005 Plain notebook, 010 Kraft Pocket and 011 Elastic bands) which will allow me to use the passport MTN for notes on the go throughout September. This is replacing my Field Notes carry, which for the first time in years I won't be using. I also have the plastic pocket in the Passport size MTN which at the moment is only holding some stamps, washi tape and a small paper bag. 

Regular Size Midori Travelers Notebook - this is completely The Journal Shops fault. I had been immersed in YouTube videos on how people use their MTN. This lead to reading some blogs, particularly Seaweed Kisses, which I love. And then right on cue a 15% off offer from The Journal Shop landed in my inbox. Obviously I took advantage buying the regular MTN as well as the 001 Ruled notebook, 012 Sketchbook, 020 Kraft Pocket and 021 Rubber Bands. At the moment I am using this for writing, ink notes and trying my hand at some sketching. 

I have included a couple of YouTube video links on the MTN below. A lot of the content on YouTube are from very crafty people who use their MTN as a kind of scrapbook. For a beginner I found this daunting however the two videos below look at a more general uses of the MTN that I found very helpful. 

Stuff and Things  

Seaweed Kisses

Regular Midori Travelers Notebook on the left, Passport on the right

Regular Midori Travelers Notebook on the left, Passport on the right

The Pens

Pilot Metropolian, F nib and Diamine Prussian Blue - this is my on the move fountain pen that I will probably use most with the Passport MTN. I love this ink colour and the fine nib of the Pilot Metropolitan gives me a very fine line.  

Karas Kustoms Ink, F nib and Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki - I decided to change out the Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai for a try of Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki. The fine Schmidt nib on the Ink has a wider line than a Japanese fine which means I get to enjoy the gorgeous shading that Kon-Peki has to offer. 

Lamy AL Star, F nib and Lamy black ink - This is a new purchase that I picked up from a brick and mortar shop. I have the special edition Copper Orange that I am using with the Lamy T-10 black ink cartridges. 

TWSBI 580 RB, EF nib and Diamine Orange - I love the Diamine Orange ink. It's such a lovely colour and really brightens up any boring task. In the demonstrator TWSBI you really get to appreciate the ink colour which is an added bonus. Plus the TWSBI nib and Diamine inks are a firm favourite of mine. 

My writing implements 

My writing implements 

The Pencils

Caran d'Ache Mechanical Pencil - as you will notice from a recent review of this pencil I am a big fan and really enjoy using this mechanical pencil. It writes really well in my MTN too.  

Staedtler Mars Lumograph grade F - for the times when I need a woodcase pencil I enjoy using this option. The firm graphite is perfect for writing with and I love the barrel colour too.  

Staedtler Mars Lumograph, Caran d'Ache Mechanical Pencil, Karas Kustoms Ink, Lamy AL Star, Pilot Metropolitan, TWSBI 580 RB

Staedtler Mars Lumograph, Caran d'Ache Mechanical Pencil, Karas Kustoms Ink, Lamy AL Star, Pilot Metropolitan, TWSBI 580 RB


Carta Pura eraser - I think this eraser is probably my favourite. It does its job really well and there is minimal mess. 

Hobonichi Techo - I have written a couple of reviews of this in the past. I still use this every day and as the weeks go on I love the used look it takes on. If you're interested in the Hobonichi Techo, the 2016 planners go on sale from the 1st September. For 2016 I am planning to buy the larger sized cousin

Midori MD A5 Notebook - this continues to be another form of journaling that allows me to waffle on if I feel the urge, however I am not committed to writing in this notebook each day. A full review of this notebook will be live within the coming weeks.

Hershel Supply Medium Pouch - This is where things get thrown when I am on the move, kind of like an oversized pencil case.  

The Midori Travelers Notebooks are the main change for September. I will travelling this month so having a system that is set up to carry multiple notebooks and collect any ephemera is appealing. Also the fountain pen friendly paper is another big selling point for me. Look out for Octobers Loadout to see if I have managed to stick with the MTN system.