AL Sport

Kaweco AL Sport - A Re-Review

This review started out very differently outlining the benefits of the Kaweco AL Sport, my decisions for buying it and what I liked about this fountain pen. Turns out, to my surprise, I have already reviewed this fountain pen back in September 2015.

Therefore this post will be a short re-review as there are a number of things that have changed in how I use the Kaweco AL Sport.

I bought the Kaweco AL Sport with a medium nib initially as this was all that was available. After a couple of months use I found this nib size too broad for general note taking especially in smaller notebooks. I therefore bought a replacement nib unit with a fine nib and simply swapped this out. The ability to change the nib units in the AL Sport fountain pens is a huge benefit. It means I get to adjust the pen to my requirements for a small additional outlay cost of around £5.

Recently with the launch of the new Kaweco Sport piston convertor I have been using this with my AL Sport. I have wanted a convertor for this fountain pen for some time and the lack of a piston convertor on this range of fountain pens has always been a bit of a frustration. I did try the squeezy convertor but this was awful and held hardly any ink at all.

The new convertor is very small, around the size of a normal ink cartridge. You can see from the photo below the size difference between the two is minimal. As the convertor is small it does make filling the pen fiddly. Whilst it is a benefit to have the option of a piston convertor for the Kaweco Sport line, it’s not any better than refilling a used standard ink cartridge with a syringe. Something worth bearing in mind.

After having this pen for over six months I am really enjoying the Kaweco AL Sport. It is one of my most used fountain pens and I always have it inked up. The new finer nib has increased my enjoyment of this pen dramatically. The convertor aspect is workable but I wouldn’t rush out and buy one if you don’t need to, there are alternative methods that are just as good.

Kaweco AL Sport

Grey Kaweco AL Sport

Grey Kaweco AL Sport

The Kaweco Sport range of fountain pens are popular choice with fountain pen enthusiasts. The range offers various different products, at different price points encouraging you to work your way up, or through the range. I have progressed my way through the Sport range of fountain pens starting off with the Kaweco Classic Sport, adding the Kaweco Skyline in Mint and also getting the Kaweco ART Sport. The Kaweco AL Sport is my forth fountain pen from the Sport range, and by this fact alone it’s safe to assume that I enjoy using these fountain pens.

My Kaweco Sport collection

My Kaweco Sport collection

They’re the perfect everyday carry fountain pen

Everyday carry items are a thing and a simple Google search shows sites dedicated to this topic. The Kaweco Sport range of fountain pens are often referenced as one of the better everyday carry fountain pen options, for good reason. The AL Sport has an aluminium barrel making it strong and durable. This fountain pen can take scuffs and you can safely throw this around, within reason, and be comfortable that you will still be able to use and write with this fountain pen. It’s not delicate.

In addition to this the Kaweco AL Sport’s size makes this a great everyday carry pen. The AL Sport is a little over 4 inches long when not in use. When using this pen it is a far more comfortable writing experience with the cap posted, which extends its length to a little over 5 inches. If you use it without the cap posted it’s just under 4 inches. Basically, it’s small.

The everyday carry craze is not something that generally concerns me. I usually have a bag of some description when I am on the move and the majority of my use is at home. However if you are concerned with the size of a fountain pen and looking for portability, this is a fab option!

Simple, classic design

There are few options when it comes to the AL Sport. You have black, blue, grey, silver and a raw high gloss finish. Kaweco have also recently released a stone washed version of the AL Sport giving the pen a worn, used look.

I have the grey AL Sport. I purchased this pen from R.S.V.P in Berlin and it was the only option available. If I had bought this pen from an online store I think I would have opted for the black. I’m glad I got to see the grey pen in the flesh as it almost has a blue or purple hue to it. Its not a flat grey, it has added depth which makes it just a little bit more interesting.

The AL Sport branding is consistent with all other Kaweco Sport fountain pens. There is a a simple logo on the barrel and the circular Kaweco logo on the tip of the pen cap. The Kaweco AL Sport range comes with chrome detailing and a stainless-steel nib. I opted for my favoured fine nib. As this is a german fine nib the line width is not super fine which means I can enjoy the shading in my ink.

The one downside - Limited convertor options

One issue I have always had with the Kaweco Sport range of fountain pens is the poor convertor options. There is a squeezy convertor that you can buy, but frankly its rubbish. You hardly get any ink into the convertor therefore it’s pretty useless. I use Diamine ink cartridges with my Kaweco Sport fountain pens as there are quite a large range of colour options. But a good working convertor would allow me to use my bottled ink and open up a larger range of ink options. This however I just a dream.

Which Sport?

Having bought a few of the Kaweco Sport’s this is probably my personal favourite. The aluminium barrel is not only better quality but in my opinion gives the Kaweco Sport the additional weight it needs to make the writing experience a little bit nicer than the Classic Sports. I really enjoy the Skyline range of Kaweco Sports, but this is primarily due to the colour options available. If Kaweco opened up the AL Sport to additional barrel colours I may be in fountain pen heaven (ok perhaps a bit dramatic but I would like it, a lot!).

If you have not taken the plunge on the AL Sport I would highly recommend it. Don’t judge the Kaweco Sport range on the Classic or Skyline ranges alone. The upgrade of the materials in the AL Sport range has huge benefits.