Baron Fig Elements Limited Edition Archer Pencils.


Baron Fig sent me a pack of their latest limited edition Archer pencils called Elements. All thoughts on these pencils detailed out here are my own.

The Elements pencil is the latest limited edition Archer series and the first to come since the School Set, so its been a little while. It’s a collaboration with the Queen of pencils, Caroline Weaver. The theme of this edition is about all the elements it takes to create a pencil, from the wood, the graphite to the lacquer and to celebrate what they make when combined.


The collaboration is worth discussing first off. Caroline Weaver featured in the Baron Fig bags Kickstarter campaign last year. CW Pencils, her pencil shop is also in New York where Baron Fig are based and she is an authority on pencils. So this collaboration makes sense and its another exciting collaboration from Baron Fig.


The Elements pencil design is very classic and classy. The subdued grey and cream palette is simple and elegant and almost timeless in a sense there is no nod to fashion or trends that exist right now.

On the grey half of the pencil there are a series of small icons etched on one side, each one representing a different element within the pencil. These icons seem typical to me of Baron Figs style. It’s a small snippet of information that requires some exploration but for those who don’t dig a little deeper they’re simply a nice design addition.


As with other Archer pencils the Elements write really well. The pencils hold a point nicely and sharpens really well giving off that nostalgic pencil smell. The graphite is really nice and has become one of my preferred pencils to use, it’s not too dark, it doesn’t smudge easily and is really smooth to write with.


As with all the other Archer pencils you’re buying a pack of 12 rather than individual pencils and the packaging to hold these pencils comes in the familiar tube design. The design mirrors the pencil style and again has that high quality appearance. There is a structural line drawing of the pencil which looks really cool and gives some guidance to which icon is associated with each element.


I have really enjoyed these pencils and have used them a lot since I received them. It’s nice to see another limited edition Archer set and fab that it comes as a collaboration. I think Baron Fig have always chosen their collaborators well and it makes their limited editions a little more interesting and special.

Thank you again to Baron Fig for sending me the Elements pencils to review.

Baron Fig School Set Review


Baron Fig sent me a copy of their limited edition School Set to review here on the blog. I have been using these for a while now and have thoughts to share with you. Although Baron Fig provided me these items to review this is no way changes my opinions shared.

The Baron Fig School Set is the first time we have seen a limited edition release combining two of Baron Figs staple products, the Flagship Vanguard notebook and the Archer pencil. The School Set pays homage to traditional American school classics, the composition notebook and the yellow pencil.

The three colours of the School Set notebooks

The three colours of the School Set notebooks

The Notebooks.

If you are American there is no doubt these notebooks will be tinged in nostalgia and perhaps a bit of a marmite release for Baron Fig. For those outside of American your view on the composition notebook design and the classic yellow pencil will probably be very different. Personally I find the mottled design of a composition notebook busy and not particularly appealing. The colour choices used in this edition make it far more appealing to a broader audience and was a clever move by Baron Fig. Three black composition notebooks would have been very dull.

Inside these notebooks, and I believe this is a Baron Fig limited edition first, we have lined pages. (Hurrah!) If you're doing any sort of long form writing whether it's morning pages, writing your next great novel, or recording your thoughts in a journal then I don’t believe you can beat lined pages.

Generous, well-spaced lined ruling

Generous, well-spaced lined ruling

The paper is the normal Baron Fig stock that I enjoy using. In this release there are some school related extras on the inside covers of the notebook. The inside front cover has a place to record your personal information and the inside back cover has punctuation definitions and uses, speech and a conversion table. All very relevant to a School Set theme and actually quite useful.

The inside back cover of the composition notebook

The inside back cover of the composition notebook

The Pencil.

The Archer pencil is the traditional yellow American pencil colour with a green dipped end. The main different between the School Set Archer and the traditional school yellow pencil is the lack of ferrule and eraser. The yellow and green contrast one another beautifully, it's a match made in pencil lacquer heaven.

Standard Archer pencil and the School Set pencils.

Standard Archer pencil and the School Set pencils.

The Archer pencil included with the School Set I would guess is identical to the standard grey Archer pencil, just a different paint job. It is a HB grade that has good point retention, even on the Baron Fig toothy paper, and a lovely smooth graphite. I used these pencils for writing during NaNoWriMo and thoroughly enjoyed them. The pencil weight is perfect as there is no ferrule and eraser, making it extremely comfortable. The graphite was smooth to write with and paired alongside the School Set notebook it was a really nice writing experience.

Writing sample of the Archer pencils. 

Writing sample of the Archer pencils. 

Overall thoughts.

I have finished all three of my School Set notebooks during this years NaNoWriMo. Personally I really liked the colours and it was nice to see a limited edition with a lined ruling. The School Set is a solid release from Baron Fig perfectly planned for the back to school period adding a Baron Fig spin to an American classic.


Thanks again to Baron Fig for sending me the School Set limited edition to review.