Ateleia Brass Pen

Stationery Travel Kit - Isle of Wight

This weekend as you read this post I will be taking a weekend break to the Isle of Wight, a small island on the south coast of England. Of course being a stationery addict I am taking a number of stationery items with me, which I will detail out in today’s post. So grab a tea and croissant and read on.


First and foremost I need the right paper tools. This comes in the form of my Travelers Notebook which includes three inserts and my Raydori which also includes three inserts.

My Travelers Notebook is for reflective evening writing. In here I have my weekly refill where I note down something interesting from the day. I also have a blank notebook which is used for travel journalling. I use this whenever I go away somewhere and I make notes on what I have seen and done.

In my Raydori I have two pocket notebooks and a monthly view planner. This is part of my standard carry and comes with me always and this trip is no exception.

Writing Tools

To accompany the paper items I have with me a number of writing implements, obviously. I have two Pilot Coleto pens for general note taking. I love the Coleto 0.4mm refills and I have multiple colours in two pens with me at all times. I have the Kuretake Cocoiro Zig Letter Pen in black, my Ateleia Brass Pen with a Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm black refill and a Stabilo Point 88 fineliner in grey.

Doodling Tools

I have the Uni-Pin in 0.2 and 0.3mm which is used for drawing / doodling purposes. I have the Kuretake water brush pen with the detailer tip. I plan to use this for painting, either on the move or later on reflectively. Either way the Kuretake water brush pen is very convenient to use when travelling. I have my travel Winsor and Newton watercolour set and a range of Blackwing pencils for drawing or outlining something I want to paint. Watercolour paints are not normally part of my travelling kit however I have been inspired by Wei Taillandier on YouTube and this year I am trying to start a habit of drawing and painting.

Hightide Pen Roll

The contents of all this goodness can be found in my new Hightide pen roll which is a recent addition this week. After reading the following interview with Pocket Notebooks featuring Priya from The London Parchment my eye caught the Hightide pen roll and I had to give it a go myself. I also went for the bold yellow. I figured it looks good and should be easier to spot in my bag.

Sandqvist Stig Backpack

I will have all of these items in my trusty backpack whilst roaming (weather dependent) around the Isle of Wight.

Final thoughts

As I am only away for two nights this travel kit gives me everything I need. The addition this time round includes some very basic painting tools. This year I wanted to learn how to paint and draw so whilst travelling I will have both time and hopefully some inspiration. It’s also a great way to record and remember the areas I have visited.

Ateleia Brass Pen

The Ateleia Brass Pen

The Ateleia Brass Pen

The Ateleia Brass Pen started its life on Kickstarter. I remember seeing it at the time, but I didn't back it because I wasn't using gel pens very often and therefore the cost didn't really make sense. I know, amazing self restraint on my part. 

Since I have started using the Travelers Notebook I have been using gel pens a lot more. So for Christmas I added this pen to my wish list and Father Christmas was very generous in obliging.   

Pen Design 

This pen design is almost a perfect spherical shape and feels nice in your hand. Due to its shape it can be prone to rolling off the desk but the good news is if it does you'll hear it fall. I like the elegant and minimal design of this pen. There are two different refill choices when buying the Ateleia Brass Pen, however I bought the version that is compatible with the Hi-Tec-C refills and I think it's the perfect housing. 

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C in it's standard housing compared to the Ateleia Brass Pen

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C in it's standard housing compared to the Ateleia Brass Pen

The pen cap is really really small. The cap screws onto the pen and is sturdy when in place. When you're writing the cap cannot be posted which means you either have to hold on to it or put this somewhere safe, and in sight, on the desk so you don't loose it.  

Pen Patina 

You can see from my pen that it has developed a very slight patina. This isn't from excessive use but I do use this pen most days for short periods of time. The more you use this brass pen the more it will patina, but I think this is part of it's charm. It shows a lovely used look, kind of like an ageing notebook. 

A Lovely Writing Instrument 

The Ateleia Brass Pen is my first brass pen. I have always been put off trying a brass pen due to the additional weight but as I use this pen for short bursts of writing this hasn't been a problem. I really like the clear line of sight you get when writing. Once the cap is unscrewed you are left with a small section holding the pen refill in place that allows you to clearly see what you're putting on the page. 

A clear line of sight when writing

A clear line of sight when writing


I really like the Ateleia Brass Pen. It's reasonably priced at $65 for the brass version and it's a great first dip into the brass pen pool. I definitely wouldn't be able to write for long periods of time with this pen, but for using in my Travelers Notebook it's ideal. Ultimately this is a pen that will last. You buy the refills you need, you can change up the colours to your hearts content, but the pen itself will always be there.