Brown Pink

KWZ Brown Pink Ink Review

I was prompted to buying this ink after seeing it reviewed on The Pen Addict. The colour looked so unusual and different I knew I wanted to try it for myself. I bought this last year at the London Pen Show where the guys from KWZ were working with the Bureau Direct team. After using it for a few months I feel like I can give an honest thoughts on this ink.

It’s not as great as I thought it would be

I do like the colour of this ink. The dusky pink is really pretty and a tad unusual. The dark shade of a usually bright colour makes this ink a contender for an everyday writer because its legible on the page. But despite these benefits it falls down for me because I don’t find myself wanting to use it.

The downsides

I have been using this ink for some time and I’ve noticed that the ink can clog the feed. I have this loaded up in a medium nib Lamy LX and if I don’t use the pen for two or three days I have to work the nib to get the ink flowing again. I haven’t experienced this with any other inks I own, presumably because they are much wetter. Having to coax the ink after such a short time of no use is something I don’t expect.

Putting this issue aside the main reason I bought this ink is the colour. However I ended up being disappointed after using it for a little while. There is no shading and definitely no sheen. The best way I can describe this ink is like it’s a matte colour because it feels flat. It’s just not a very exciting ink.

Performance on paper

The ink works well on various different types of paper. If I use this ink in my Hobohichi Techo there are some slow dry times, in part due to the medium nib on my fountain pen. Using it in my other fountain pen friendly notebooks (Travelers Company, Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Leuchtturm1917 etc.) it performs really well.

In Summary

I want to like this ink colour more than I do but it just doesn’t excite me enough. A dusky pink ink shade that had a bit of depth to it would be perfect. I don’t need glitter and shimmer, but I would like something of interest that you notice if you use and look at an ink colour. With the huge number of inks out there and the enjoyment I get from other inks I own, I don’t think that this ink colour will be the one bottle that I use up this year.