Card Sleeve

Mid-Week Mini: Baron Fig Card Sleeve Review


Baron Fig sent me a sample of their newest product, the card sleeve, to review here on the blog. As usual all thoughts shared are my own.

In the past few weeks Baron Fig launched the latest addition to their product offering, a leather card sleeve expanding the number of leather goods they have to offer. The card sleeve is a very simple, slim wallet. It comes in a range of the signature Baron Fig colours, Fig Wine, Yellowgold, Charcoal and Rose Quartz. I have a Fig Wine card sleeve which I have been using for a few weeks.


The card sleeves packaging is really nice and simple. It arrives in a card envelope with a familiar line drawing of the item on the outside. The sleeve is wrapped in tissue paper protecting the leather.


The card sleeve is very minimal. I actually use a card holder normally which over time has expanded with all the cards I cram into it. This had two card sections on each side and then an opening in the middle allowing me to carry more than 10 cards and some cash. The Baron Fig card sleeve forces you to minimise what you’re carrying.


There is one opening on either side, the main one having a diagonal cut off giving you easy access to the card(s) you use the most. It also adds something different to the design and shows off some of that Fig Wine colour.


The colouring on the Fig Wine and Yellowgold is subtle with most of the card sleeve actually being charcoal and accents of the Baron Fig pallet showing through. The only exception to this is the Rose Quartz which is the inverse and full on pink!

Using the card sleeve has been good. You can see there are some scuff marks on the leather due to scratches from my keys, being thrown around in my bag and so on. This doesn’t bother me at all, but does shows that the leather is soft.

The number of pockets has taken some personal adjustment reducing down what I carry. I have taken out some cards, which on the whole were loyalty cards or ones I don’t use very often. I have managed to squeeze two cards in one pocket, three in the other and kept the central space for cash.


My one criticism of the card sleeve is the size of the Baron Fig logo on the front of the card sleeve. It’s the same size as my pocket Guardian but this is hidden on the inside cover. It would be nice if this was a bit smaller and less visible, but that’s a small niggle I have.


I really like the card sleeve and have personally always appreciated a simpler, usually smaller, wallet carry. The Baron Fig card sleeve is a nice slim profile wallet made from the same high quality leather as the other Baron Fig leather goods.


Thank you to the guys at Baron Fig for sending me over their card sleeve to review.