Copic Multiliner SP Drawing Pen 0.35

I have used drawing pens for years. I has started using them when I thought Moleskine notebooks were good as they were one of the only pens that didn't bleed through on that awful paper. I liked how they gave me a clean line, didn't gloop and they made my handwriting look really neat. 

Since these days I have tried out several different brands, one of which is the Copic Multiliner SP Drawing Pen. I have two of these pens, one in black and one in sepia. I like the Copic range of drawing pens for several reasons. 

Consistent Flow and Writing

I have been using the black pen on and off for some time and each time I pick this pen up it works. There is no skipping or issues with the ink flow. The Copic Multiliner is reliable and works every time. 

Adaptable pens

The huge benefit with the Multiliners is that you can refill the ink cartridges and replace the nibs. If you run out of ink you only need to buy the replacement cartridge, not another pen, and if you bend the nib tip or prefer a different line width this can be replaced. I like the fact you don't have to buy a whole new pen if you don't need to. 

As the Multiliners are drawing pens they come in a range of tip sizes. I bought the 0.35 but you can go as thin as 0.03 and as wide as a 0.7 and even get a brush tip. They also come in a range of around 10 colour options which I really like. You're not limited to purely black which can be common among some of the other drawing pen brands. 

Great for doodling and practicing typography 

A doodle from my Travelers Notebook

A doodle from my Travelers Notebook

My main use with these Copic Multiliners is to doodle. In my Travelers Notebook I often copy different styles of typography that I find online. I find copying one of the best ways to understand how to construct and build different letters and how they fit together on the page. I first sketch some sort of outline in pencil so that I can erase any mistakes and once complete I pick up my Copic Multiliner and go over my pencil line to give it a really bold outline. The Multiliners are perfect for this as they are really smooth and work well on a wide variety of different paper types. You can erase the pencil underneath without ruining or smudging the ink. 

A soft nib 

One small thing I have noticed with the Multiliner is that the tip of the pen can be easily bent. I have a heavy hand and can press down quite hard on the page, more so when trying to concentrate. This has resulted in me bending the tip a couple of times, which I managed to recover. Over time and with use the tip has also frayed a little. From the photo below you can see my much more used black Copic Multiliner on the right is a little fatter and looks less rigid that the Sepia pen on the left. Luckily this is one of the replaceable sections on this pen so if I really ruin it I can buy a replacement part and have a pen good as new.  

Sepia Copic Multiliner on the left and Black Copic Multiliner on the right

Sepia Copic Multiliner on the left and Black Copic Multiliner on the right

A reliable friend 

The drawing pen is always a reliable writing/doodling tool. No matter what these pens will work and will provide you with clean and crisp lines. The Copic Multiliner is one of many drawing pen brands that I use. It's not my favourite but I do like using this pen and regularly reach for it. The big selling point is the different colour options and the tip sizes which gives you more choices and allows you to play around with some different pens. Overall I would happily buy more Copic Multiliner SP Drawing Pens and like to keep a few on my desk.