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Aaron Draplin and the Art of the Side Hustle: Link

Aaron Draplin and the Art of the Side Hustle is a great video from the guys over at Vans. I was prompted to have a look at this video after listening to the Pen Addict podcast and thought I would share it here.

As a huge Field Notes fan everything Draplin does peaks my interest. It's refreshing to see someone who genuinely loves what they do and is passionate about it. Something to aspire to. 

Fine Links

Kaweco Germany Gives Us a Look Inside the Warehouse - Pen Paper Ink Letter

The is a great post for a pen geek. Getting to see how Kaweco do their pen testing is really interesting.

Better Handwriting on Tap - The Cramped 

I think this is something we can all related to. There are some great tips in this post on how to improve your handwriting. 

Adding Some Colour to Your Workspace - The Well Appointed Desk 

I am in the process of buying a house and have been thinking a lot about what my new workspace will be like. This post came along just in time. Now to spend hours trawling through Pinterest.

Top 5 Pocket Notebooks - Pen Paper Ink Letter

Pocket notebooks have been the thing I seem to use more than any other notebook. Its always nice to see other peoples perspectives on pocket notebooks.

Parker Jotter 60th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen Review - Pen Addict

I haven't owned or used a Parker pen since school. This post brings back some memories and has got me thinking about a nice Parker Jotter.

Filed Notes Field Trip - The Well Appointed Desk

Who isn't going to love this post. 

Baron Fig Confident Review - Modern Stationer 

I have been looking at these notebooks for some time now and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't back the Kickstarter campaign as international shipping has not yet been launched, They just look so pretty. Great review from Modern Stationer

My Favourite Field Notes Editions - The Newsprint

Always interesting to see what Field Notes other people like and why. 

Fine Links

Why on earth would I want to use a pencil? - The Cramped 

A great overview of how and why Andy from Woodclinched became a lover of pencils. 

Improving my note-taking using Mark-Up - Gareth Jones, via The Cramped

I am very interested in different note-taking systems and styles. This is a great overview of a combination of two different systems. 

The Epic Refill Reference Guide: Rollerball, Gel and Ballpoints - The Well Appointed Desk

This is a post is fantastic. Everyone needs a good overview of refill options.