January summary

January Stationery Usage

This year I have decided to play closer attention to the tools I am using to try and fulfil one of my 2017 stationery resolutions, to consume more of what I own. Therefore this month I thought I would share with you what I have used.

Januarys Notebooks

This month I have flown through three pocket notebooks, all of which have been Field Notes. Completing three pocket notebooks in a month is not usual for me, I am lucky if I work my way through two. I have been scribbling down lots of different notes as part of my studying and I think that has contributed to higher than normal use. This month I decided to use up some of my Field Notes stash which has the added bonus of meaning I can use my Foxy Fix Wanderlust leather notebook cover.

This month I also finished my morning journal notebook. I have been using the Life Vermilion A5 notebook which has been really lovely to use. It handles all my fountain pens and inks really well and I love the cream coloured paper. I will start February with a new morning journal, which will be a Midori TN insert.

Januarys Inks

Earlier on in the month I shared a photo on Instagram showing the inks that I am using this month. Taking inspiration from Priya at The London Parchment I have gone for a wintery theme with lots of muted tones. I am recording these colours in my Hobonichi Techo on the monthly preview page. At the end of the year this could be a nice way to see what inks I have used each month and where there are gaps in my colour palette.

I have really enjoyed my January colours but I do have some clear favourites. Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro is a lovely dark green ink colour that I find perfect for this time of year. It provides a little colour in my notebooks but keeps on the winters theme reminding me of Christmas and evergreen trees.

J.Herbin’s Lie de The is a firm favourite of mine. I use this in my Kaweco ART Sport snd I love it, so much so that I have actually used up all my cartridges.

The one ink I actually don’t think I like at all is Diamines Ancient Copper. When I bought this ink I thought it would easily be an ink I would enjoy but its been the opposite. To give it some credit it has great shading but there is something about this ink that I really dislike. This will definitely be one for the February rotation.

Planner progress

My planning system is going pretty well so far. My A6 Hobonichi Techo is working perfectly as a bullet journal. As this is a pre-dated planner I am finding it very easy to plan out my week. I do feel like this format means I am less creative with the pages than when I used a Leuchtturm1917 notebook, but it’s a small compromise.

The larger Avec Techo has been working as an art journal to a point. I don’t find that I have enough time or energy at the end of the day to really use this as I want to, so for February I need to try and find ways of being more creative. I think I need some more inspiration so I shall be digging around online.

Alongside this I have been recording my studying and blog activity on the monthly calendar. I like the additional space that the Avec provides.

Using the week on two pages view I simply record what I am doing. For February I am going to try and use this spread as a time management tool. I think space could be an issue here, but I am interested to see how I am spending my time and as I cannot find an app that works for me I am resorting to pen and paper.

In Summary

Spending some time thinking about my stationery January I feel like I have done quite well at consuming existing items. I did make one purchase this month, but this is tied to InCoWriMo prep for February.

February also marks my first attempt to take part in InCoWriMo. I will do my best to send a letter, postcard or card each day of the month and hopefully I will be able to get most days completed. I will of course be sharing my InCoWriMo journey here on the blog, so be sure to come back and check it out.