Lihit Lab

Lihit Lab Otomo Pencil Case

The Lihit Lab Otomo pencil case has become something that I use regularly. It's the perfect accessory to carry around the pencils and pens that I am using. 

I love the colour of this pencil case. I have the yellow green colour which has a contrasting brown polka dot interior. The Otomo is available in several other colour options including a lovely pink, and the more subdued black, beige and grey colours.

This pencil case is a nice compact format holding enough of your essentials and not taking up too much room when you're on the move. Although this is called a pencil case it won't fit a full sized pencil at all, you are only able to carry around some used shorter pencils, but those with ferrules you have to use down much further. 

On the side of the case there is a small pocket that is the full length of the pencil case. I don't really use this for anything. It's not very deep and there is not much room in there. However if you need to carry paper clips, a small eraser, some spare ink cartridges or anything or a similar size then this pocket is perfect. 

The case has a nicely textured polyester material and the contents are well protected with a good amount of cushioning throughout. The zips have faux leather easy grab tabs in a light tan colour. I don't tend to carry anything expensive in here like my fountain pens (I use my Nock Co Lookout for this), but it's good to know that if I needed to I could. 

There is also a strap included on the side of the Otomo pencil case. I guess the idea of this is to slip this round your wrist to make it easier to carry, however I find it gets in the way and is unnecessary. There is a clip which allows you to remove the strap which is how I tend to use the case. 

Overall I am really happy with the Lihit Lab Otomo pencil case. It works well and the compact size makes it the perfect travel companion. The big seller for me is also the beautiful yellow green colour. However if I could change one thing I would be to have it a tad longer to make this more suitable for pencils.