Mars Lumograph

1 Week, 1 Pen/Pencil: Week 6 Review

This week I have been using the Staedtler Mars Lumograph in F grade. Before starting this week I held this pencil in high regard starting to think that it could actually be my favourite pencil to use. Every time I used this pencil I realised how much I liked it, therefore it was a perfect candidate for this mini series.

The good points

This week I have really appreciated using the Mars Lumograph in terms of portability and generally how easy it is to use. Pencils are so light and slim making them really easy to use on the go and they’re perfect for jotting down simple notes and to dos. I have enjoyed using a pencil this week but I think that is because of the pencil I am using.

The Mars Lumograph also looks pretty sweet. The blue lacquer on this pencil is dreamy and I love the white stripe and black cap on the end. It finishes off the pencil really well and highlights the beautiful blue. My Mars Lumograph has worn really nicely. The barcode has disappeared and the branding is fading, showing a lovely worn look. I only own this one F grade pencil, but I think I will be buying a dozen of these pencils so I can have them in multiple places and also give a few to friends and family to try out.

The worn pencil barrel

The worn pencil barrel

I think what I am working towards is that I may well be in love with the Mars Lumograph. I love how it looks, I love the price, I love how it writes. The graphite in the F grade is perfect for me. It holds its point really well making it a perfect writing partner. The graphite is light, but not too much just right at the sweet spot for me.

This weeks irritation

The one constant bug bear I have with pencils is the need to sharpen the pencil a lot to retain a sharp point. I love my classroom friendly sharpener and pretty much use this exclusively. This works fine when I am writing at home but when out I have to deal with a blunt pencil as I don’t have anything portable that’s as good as the classroom friendly sharpener. Now I could solve this with the KUM Masterpiece, or by taking multiple pencils. But I have had neither of those this week, so I am being a little grumpy about it. You don’t get this problem with a fountain pen.

Overall thoughts

It is quite possible that the Staedtler Mars Lumograph is the perfect pencil for me. I always enjoy the excitement around trying new pencils and new pencil releases such as the Blackwing volumes. But the despite this every time I use the Mars Lumograph I enjoy it, it feels nice to write with and comfortable. If you were to force me to choose only one pencil to write wth for the rest of my days I think it would be this one. I haven’t been able to say that about any other week during this series.

The final week - week 7

For the final week of this exercise I will be using the Tactile Turn Gist with a fine nib and Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai ink. I am finishing up with this fountain pen and ink combination for a number of reasons. First up the Tactile Turn Gist is a fountain pen that I have not used for a solid period of time. I feel like I should really like this fountain pen but there are some reservations. Therefore by using this for a full week I think I may be able to organise my thoughts more coherently. The fine nib on this pen is a European fine and therefore has a good line width which should work perfectly with one of my favourite inks, the Iroshizuku Shin-Kai. I have sometimes thought this ink would be the one I would choose above all others if I were forced, this week could test that theory.