Mitsu-bishi 9000

Mitsu-bishi 9000 HB Review

Mitsu-bishi 9000 pencil

Mitsu-bishi 9000 pencil

The Mitsu-bishi 9000 HB was part of my NYC stationery haul. Since I have been back home in the UK I have been using and enjoying a range of pencils but the Mitsu-bishi 9000 is the one pencil I seem to reach for the most.


There are numerous reasons that I have enjoyed using this pencil. Firstly it looks really great, the laquer on the pencil is a gorgeous shade of green. It comes with gold embossing that compliments the lacquer nicely. Unfortunately you do have the dreaded white barcode on one side of the hex which, as with other pencils, is unsightly.  

On one side of the pencil you have a note that the 9000 should be used for 'General Writing' which I think is an apt description. I have found that it holds a point well, important for long stints of general writing, the graphite in this pencil is lovely a dark, perfect for re-reading your general writing and it writes really smoothly, making general writing a breeze. In fact the smoothness of this graphite on the page is really noticeable and adds to the beauty of this pencil. I have used this on several different notebooks and paper stocks and I have found it a pleasure to use in all cases. 


On another side of the pencil barrel you have another note stating that the pencil is 'Made by Elaborate Process'. I really like the addition of this little note and Mitsu-bishi's sense of humour. I have tried searching online to find out what the elaborate process is but I didn't get very far with my research. 


This is my second Mitsu-bishi pencil. Previously I have used the Hi-Unis in a few different grades, all of which I have enjoyed. It seems from my experience that Mitsu-bishi generally make high quality pencils that write really well.  

I would highly recommend this pencil to anyone looking for high quality pencil that can be used for 'General Writing'.  

My written review

My written review

October Loadout

After my recent trip to New York, Octobers loadout is pencil heavy. 

The Notebooks 

Regular Size Midori Travelers Notebook (MTN) - When I finished up with my September Loadout post I wasn't sure if I would be able to stick with the MTN setup, but coming into October it's still going strong. I am getting used to the customisation and enjoying it more and more. The paper is great and perfect for fountain pens. This month I even added the 016 medium pen loop and the 008 zipper plastic pocket which means I must be committed. 

The Pencils 

Palomino Blackwing Volume 725 - the lacquer on this pencil is stunning and combined with the super sharp point from the classroom friendly sharpener this is possibly one of my favourite pencils at the moment. 

Tombow 2558 H grade - I am keen to try out this pencil for journalling, particularly after the Pen Addicts recent review. I enjoy firmer grade pencils and I think this will really fit the bill.

Caran d'Ache edelweiss F grade - after my controversial Caran d'Ache Swiss Wood post I have wanted to find a different Caran d'Ache pencil that I could enjoy using. I really like the brand and have enjoyed using their mechanical pencil, so after my CW Pencils visit I will spend some time figuring out if this is the Caran d'Ache pencil for me. 

General Pencil Company Kimberly F grade - I am intrigued by this pencil ever since I heard Johnny Gamber talk about it on the Erasable podcast. It's not the 2B he discussed but it's a firm friend. I have no experience of General's pencils, plus the different graphite grades are hard to find here in the UK. I have high expectations of this pencil, so fingers crossed I won't be disappointed.  

Mitsu-bishi 9000 HB - I wanted to try this out and see how it compares to the Hi-Uni. The 9000 looked like a good option. I really like the green lacquer on this pencil and the special note on the barrel which states 'made by elaborate process'. 

Octobers preferred pencils 

Octobers preferred pencils 

The Pens

Pilot Kakuno M nib - I am planning on inking this up with an Iroshizuku ink I have on the way from Jetpens. I recently bought a few of the mini bottles as there were quite a few I wanted to try. Once they arrive I will decide on which colour to use, but my plan is to use this pen with my Hobonichi Techo as the Tomoe River paper demands the use of a fountain pen.  

Karas Kustoms Ink F nib - I still have this inked up with the Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki ink and I am still enjoying the partnership. This will carry over into October. 

Lamy AL Star F nib - I enjoy using this pen with my Hobonichi Techo. I have this inked up with the Lamy Black T-10 ink cartridges. 


The Classroom Friendly Sharpener - as far as I am concerned at the moment there is no other sharpener. With the pencil heavy loadout for this month, the classroom friendly sharpener will be my new best friend. 

Hobonichi Techo - I am as committed as ever to the Techo. I will be buying my 2016 book this month. I am working on another post summarising my thoughts on this planner, for me this is definitely here to stay. 

Midori MD A5 Notebook - this is my additional journal. Usually I use this with fountain pens, however this month I will use this with my newly acquired pencils. 

For October my main changes are less fountain pens and more pencils. This is a big change from my usual loadout but I am looking forward to this change up. I may miss using fountain pens, but I may also surprise myself and enjoy using pencils resulting them becoming more important in my everyday use. Who knows, only time will tell. The truth will be in Novembers Loadout.