Mono 100

Tombow Mono 100 HB and 2B Review

The Tombow Mono 100 is a premium quality Japanese pencil. To reflect this quality the pencil design is really smart and slick. It has a deep black lacquer complimented by lovely gold embossing on the barrel. There are a lot of different font types on this one small pencil barrel and it comes with a lot of information. I do however love the small gold dragonfly that you see on the Tombow pencils, it's so pretty.  

As with most other pencils you do unfortunately get the ugly barcode on one side of the hex which is a bright white, contrasting dramatically with the black lacquer.



The cap on the Mono 100 is different to other pencils. Its rounded rather than following the hex of the pencil. It has a thick white line going across the middle of the cap which makes it very handy to spot in your pencil pot. 

As I mentioned I have had these pencils for some time, so I don't actually have a Mono 100 in my preferred graphite grade. Both the HB and 2B graphites are dark. The point holds fairly well but it does require sharpening regularly when you write with this pencil for longer periods of time. 

You do get some smudging with the HB and 2B pencils as well and some printing on the page but that is to be expected from any pencil with a dark graphite. Both pencils write really smoothly when paired with a nice quality paper stock, as you can see from my photo below. 

I think the Tombow Mono 100 pencils are really nice to use. They're not my favourite but I tend to gravitate to some of the more alternative pencil options on the market. As a higher quality pencil I think the Mono 100 is a solid option. I really would like to try one of these out in a H or F grade because these are my preferred grade options. I am sure after using one of these I would like it even more.