Monteverde Monza Signature Set Review.


Executive Pens sent me the Monteverde Monza Signature Set to review here on the blog. I would like to thank them for sending me this to play with. All thoughts shared in this post are my own.


The set.

The Monteverde Monza Signature Set comes with a medium nibbed fountain pen, four ink colours and a pen flush from Monteverde. There are a few different fountain pen choices when buying the signature set. You can chose from several demonstrator barrel colours and I chose the Amber pen as I thought this colour was the most attractive.


These items are packaged nicely in a presentation box. This presentation style is nice as a gift or as a starter set, and while not important to the performance of the items, it’s always nice to know.


The fountain pen.

The Monza fountain pen was the initial pull of this set for me. I really like the amber colour of the fountain pen, it reminded me of images I’d seen of the Pilot Custom 823 (completely unfair on the 823).

The Monza is an entry level fountain pen and as such I have tried to compare how it stacks up against the Lamy Safari, Kaweco Sport, Pilot Kakuno etc. I keep coming back to the fact that using this fountain pen isn't that enjoyable and that there are better choices out there.

A look at the clear feed from nib through the grip section. 

A look at the clear feed from nib through the grip section. 

When I started comparing it to these other established and well-known fountain pens the Monza just feels like it is lacking in many ways. The nib is very stiff and rigid. When you’re writing there is too much feedback and resistance against the paper. There is zero flex and it can feel very scratchy. It isn't a great experience for an entry level fountain pen and especially for a new user.

Nib detailing with the Monteverde logo.

Nib detailing with the Monteverde logo.

My time with the Monza hasn’t been very fun. It hasn't been a pen I have been reaching for, it’s more one I am forcing myself to use for this review.

The sets components. 

The sets components. 

The ink.

The ink in the signature set is unexciting (a little like the pen). There are four colours, Valentine Red, Malibu Blue, Brown Sugar and Midnight Black. These colours are no doubt run of the mill, standard ink colours. Safe. But they are flat with no depth, shading, tone...anything really. I could be using a ballpoint pen.


Overall thoughts.

I have been disappointed with the Monteverde Monza and ink. This is an entry level set coming in at £50 but there are far better ways you could spend £50. It’s not the best experience for anyone and there are a ton of better choices out there.


Thank you again to Executive Pens for sending me the Monteverde USA Monza Signature Set to review here at The Finer Point.