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Nock Co Maryapple Review

How you carry around pens and notebooks has always been an area where I have been left disappointed. There have been a lack of options and what options were available were not always affordable. 

When the Nock Co Kickstarter campaign launched I backed the campaign with intrigue. I liked the idea behind these products and the collaboration between a genuine pen addict with someone with a background of well designed products. Since receiving my products I have not been left disappointed.

Nock Co Maryapple Mango/Mandarin

Nock Co Maryapple Mango/Mandarin

I opted for one of the lower backing levels of the Kickstarter campaign as I wasn't sure how I would use the products. Being a Field Notes fan the Maryapple seemed like a good choice. Since receiving this product I have mainly used it to store Field Notes books that I have on the go for various different things. The product sits in my desk at home and I can grab it whenever I need to note something down and I know a half empty notebook will be there. 

I used the Maryapple when I travelled to America back in April. This was perfect in my hand luggage holding the Field Notes I was using and also for storing my passport. Not its intended use but it worked.

Maryapple filled with Field Notes and my Passport 

Maryapple filled with Field Notes and my Passport 

I have the Mandarin and Mango option and I love the bold colours. Its nice to be brave sometimes and go for something a bit daring. This is also something which seems to be lacking in the market when looking for notebook holders. It would be great to see some more colour options from Nock Co at some point in the future to expand on this. But so far great colour choices.

The Maryapple is priced really well at $15 plus a little bit extra for international shipping. I feel that this product can be thrown about a bit, battered and stuffed with multiple notebooks and still hold up really well. I don't feel precious about it in any way feeling that I need to protect it. 

I have used my Maryapple quite a bit. Since I backed the Kickstater campaign my interest in pens has grown and therefore so has my requirements in storing and moving pens around. I will definitely be adding to my Nock Co collection in the future. I also think that these products would make great gifts for friends and family without breaking the bank. 

I am excited to see what else Nock Co come up with over the coming months and years. I feel like this company and product line has some real legs and there are opportunities to expand the line into some new cool design options.