Old Man Winter

Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun ink review

The cute 15ml Pilot Iroshizuku ink bottle

The cute 15ml Pilot Iroshizuku ink bottle

The Pilot Iroshizuku range of inks have always been one of my favourites. They are wet and flow really well in almost any fountain pen and come in a beautiful variety of colours. As with all Iroshizuku inks the presentation and packaging are gorgeous.

Fuyu-Syogun was one colour which had been on my wish list for some time. Fuyu-Syogun’s english name is Old Man Winter which is a very apt description. It’s a subtle ink colour that doesn’t pop on the page. Despite this I have enjoyed the Fuyu-Syogun as a different option for writing to the traditional blues and black inks.

The shading on this grey ink is lovely. It has a blue undertone that makes it different from other grey inks. Kiri-same, the other Iroshizuku grey ink colour, always seems to be a popular choice. It’s slightly darker and probably clearer to write with. However for me the light tone of Fuyu-Syogun and the blue hue make this a winning combination.

I have been using the Fuyu-Syogun in my silver fine nib Kaweco AL Sport - a winning pairing. The colours compliment each other really well. Even with the fine nib size I still get to enjoy the shading that this ink has to offer. In my hand written review below you can see this ink in all its glory on Rhodia 80gsm No 16 Notepad.

There is little I can say by way of negatives for Fuyu-Syogun. For some people it may be too light or too grey. It also could be too costly. I bought this bottle from Jet Pens because I wanted several different Iroshizuku ink colours and due to the cost of the larger 50ml bottles I opted for the smaller, and cheaper, 15ml bottle size. For buyers outside of the US there is the risk of the dreaded customs charge. This however is not a negative of the ink, more the process of buying if you’re outside the US or Japan. If you can invest in a bottle of the Fuyu-Syogun and enjoy grey ink colours I would highly recommend this option.