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Berlin stationery haul

My previous post was all about my recent trip to Berlin and the fantastic stationery shops I visited. If you haven't read this post and want to know a bit more about the stores I visited, alongside my thoughts on them, check it out here before reading on. (Don't worry, I'll wait a minute).  

Obviously I wasn't going to visit these great stores and come away empty handed, in fact I came home with a fair amount which I will run through in this post.  

Haul Part 1 - RSVP

Caran d'Ache 348 pencil, Caran d'Ache mechanical pencil, Kaweco AL Sport, Wrap notebook

Caran d'Ache 348 pencil, Caran d'Ache mechanical pencil, Kaweco AL Sport, Wrap notebook

A visit to Germany deserved a Kaweco purchase. I am a fan of Kaweco products and have a number of their Classic Sport fountain pens, but I have never taken the plunge on the AL Sport. When browsing through RSVP I came across the grey AL Sport and I immediately knew it was fate - yes fate! The grey was so much better than I expected with hints of a blue/purple undertone. It was great to have the chance to look at the pen properly, try it out and ask questions before buying. Not only did I buy one of these pens but so did my husband. 

Whilst this was my main purchase from RSVP I also brought the Caran d'Ache Metal Collection Classic Line 844 Pencil in red, the Caran d'Ache 348 HB pencil because it looked so pretty and an A5 Wrap notebook, ironically made in the UK. I could have very easily brought more from RSVP as they had such a good range of paper products but this visit was early on in my trip and I didn't want to blow the budget. So far I have used everything minus the Wrap notebook. The Kaweco has been my most used fountain pen since returning which I have inked up with a Diamine Passion Red cartridge.  

Haul Part 2 - Luiban

Midori MD notebook, Carta Pura eraser and a PH Stationery notebook

Midori MD notebook, Carta Pura eraser and a PH Stationery notebook

In my previous post I stated that Luiban was an unplanned visit, turns out this was not so true. This was recommended by my husbands work colleague who knows of my stationery addiction and has read The Finer Point in the past. So thank you Taka for this recommendation as Luiban was a real highlight for me.  

Luiban presented me with harder choices due to the sheer amount of products available and the great layout in this store. I just couldn't decide on what to buy and I guess slightly overwhealmed by what was on offer.

After much fretting, and time wandering around, I picked up a Midori MD A5 Notebook with a lined grid. This has been a product I had admired from afar and has been on my wish list for some time. To look at this in the flesh, compare grid options and examine the paper closely all helped me to make the decision to buy. To go with the Midori MD notebook I picked up an A5 peach cover because it was so pretty and such a great price. The owner was kind enough to point out how fountain pen friendly this paper is, which I thought was a nice personal touch. 

Midori MD A5 lined notebook plus cover  

Midori MD A5 lined notebook plus cover  

I also brought a Carta Pura eraser. This is not something I had ever heard of but after testing this out in the store I thought I should pick one up. The design on this eraser is really cool with different types of pencils drawn on the sleeve. The deep black colour of the eraser looks great and kind of gives it a premium feel. I will use this as a carry round for the next few weeks and see how it compares to the Staedtler Mars Plastic and the Koh-I-Noor Magic erasers which I use regularly. 

Finally I brought a PH Stationery notebook with a blank grid in orange. Again this was not a brand I had ever heard of before, but the notebooks looked so pretty and came in a gorgeous range of colours it was hard not to be drawn to them. I opted for orange as it is a lovely vibrant shade. The PH Stationery notebook is slightly smaller than an A5 book but bigger than a Field Notes. The owner of Luiban again had helpful tips informing me that these notebooks work with a range of different pens, however it's particuarly good with pencils. My plan is to use this notebook for some form of journalling and really test out all the different pencils I have to see what works best. 

In Summary

I managed to come back from Berlin with far more than I was expecting and I am really looking forward to using all these new products in various different ways. Berlin is a wonderful city with a great atmosphere and culture. The inclusion of numerous stationery stores in a relately small city is really exciting to see especially when they are all of such a high quality. 

My plan is to incoporate these items into my daily use to really get a fell for them. I will then post full scale reviews to give my thoughts in detail.