My Highly Recommended List

There are plenty of stationery blogs that share their top 5 stationery items. This is something I have wanted to add to for some time but I have decided to share in a slightly different format. I will have a dedicated Highly Recommended page included on The Finer Point where I will share some of my favourite stationery related things. This list will be updated and added to on a regular basis. I hope you find this list helpful.

The TWSBI 580 RB fountain pen

The TWSBI 580 RB fountain pen

Fountain Pens
TWSBI 580 RB - I always have this fountain pen inked up as I enjoy using it so much. I have never experienced issues with my TWSBI and this has been a constant in my fountain pen rotation ever since I first bought it.

Pilot Metropolitan - I think this is the best starter / entry level fountain pen on the market. You get the fantastic Japanese fountain pen experience, a great aluminium barrel and all for a fab price.

Kaweco AL Sport - this is the perfect pocket fountain pen. Its durable, small and writes well. I have several of the pocket Kaweco fountain pens and was slow to add the AL Sport, but it has become a firm favourite.

Palomino Blackwing - I can't pick one Blackwing pencil for this list therefore I am lumping them all together. I enjoy the full range on offer and have bought 3 out of the 4 Volumes that have been released over the past 12 months. Each and every Blackwing pencil is high quality and is good for different situations. I always have one with me and they had to be included on my Highly Recommended list.

Staedtler Tradition - This is a pencil which is easy to come by here in the UK and a standard school grade pencil. I really like the simple design and high quality finish of this pencil. I have this in a H grade which makes it the perfect pencil for long form writing and using on the go.


Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.5mm - this has become my favourite gel ink pen. I love how these pens write and the range of colours on offer. My preferred size is the 0.5mm but there are alternatives available.

Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint - this has been a pen which I have used for years. I really like this rollerball and love the super dark black ink. A staple in my pen pot or desk drawer.

Uni-Pin Drawing Pen - this is by far my favourite of all the drawing pens I have tested. I have been using these pens to practice sketching but they are also a daily pen I use for Bullet Journaling.


Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - I really love the Iroshizuku line of fountain pen inks and have several different colours in my collection. They are lovely, wet inks that flow well in most fountain pens I have used and they come in a gorgeous array of different colours.

Diamine Ink - Diamine are a British brand that produces a whole host of fountain pen ink colours. I have tried several different colours and have never been disappointed. They also offer cartridges in a number of their ink colours which I have used with the Kaweco Sport fountain pens.


The Pen Addict Podcast - this podcast surely doesn’t need an introduction. I love hearing what Brad and Myke have to say each week and they have definitely been responsible for multiple purchases and also for me starting The Finer Point.

Art Supply Posse - I am not artist but I really enjoy listening to Ana and Heather discuss different art supply products. Art supplies is an area which really intrigues me and these guys are shedding light and helping me to learn.

Erasable - For your pencil fix this is the podcast for you. These guys know their stuff and I enjoying hearing their thoughts on different pencil and paper products.


The London Parchment - I love Priya’s posts, reviews and especially her photography. There is always something fun here to read and enjoy so be sure to check this blog out.

Wonder Pens - I love the Wonder Pens blog. Not only do you learn lots about different stationery products but you also get some insight into the personal workings of a family stationery store. I am also a little bit in love with the new addition to the store, their adorable little kitten.

All Things Stationery - Tessas reviews and posts always catch my eye. The products reviewed are different to some of the standard stationery blogs out there and I am always envious of her photography. The stationery shops map has also proved very handy and useful, so be sure to check this out.

Three Staples - Jinnies posts on all things Field Notes have become well known within the stationery community. The links she makes between different editions are brilliant and again the photography is on point.

Paper Products

A number of different Baron Fig pocket (previously Apprentice) notebooks

A number of different Baron Fig pocket (previously Apprentice) notebooks

Baron Fig - I enjoy using the Baron Fig pocket notebooks and have been using at least one in my passport size Travelers Notebook for a while now.

Field Notes - another staple pocket notebook carry. These notebooks are great fun and have a great community of users. The colors limited edition notebooks push the boundaries of how a pocket notebook can be created and used. There is never a dull moment with a Field Notes pocket notebook, which is why they had to make my list.

Leuchtturm1917 - this is my Bullet Journal notebook of choice. This notebook is the perfect size, it comes in great colours and has a high quality paper stock.

Traveler’s Notebook - I have written a number of reviews on these notebooks which you can see here and here. They are my one stationery constant and I really enjoy using the Travelers Notebook and Midori branded paper.


Wei Taillandier - I love the watercolour tutorials on Wei’s YouTube channel. I find it fascinating to see her process. She also reviews a number of paper and notebook products which I have found informative and helpful.

Seaweed Kisses - There are some fantastic videos especially focused on the Travelers Notebook system on this channel. The set-ups videos are particularly interesting and have shaped the ways in which I use my own Travelers Notebook.

Boho Berry - essential viewing for any aspiring Bullet Journaler. Boho Berry shares how she Bullet Journals and her page designs give you some great ideas. This channel is definitely a rabbit hole, so be warned.

Froggies TN - I really enjoy watching these YouTube videos. I appreciate the subtitles and find the French accent of the YouTuber very relaxing.

StudioBAS - the videos on this channel are short and sweet. I like the format of each video and again have gained Bullet Journal inspiration from this channel.


Eunice Roe - Eunice has great Travelers Notebook photos sharing her layouts and spreads on a regular basis. A lot of what she has done has inspired my own Travelers Notebook journaling.

Catherine Mi-Sook - I love the posts Catherine shares. I think I have liked every single photo! The calligraphy is gorgeous, the quotes insightful and the composition of the photos stunning.

I think this list says a lot about how I use stationery and what sort of things I enjoy using. If I have created this list 12 months ago it would not have looked very different, therefore I am sure over the next 12 months it will evolve and change as I discover new things.

Video Review: Moustache Stationery Unboxing First Impressions

Today marks a historic day. Ok, perhaps historic is a bit dramatic but it is a first here at The Finer Point. I have been thinking about adding video reviews to the blog for some time and I have finally decided to take the plunge. 

Below you will see my first ever video review, which happens to be an unboxing video of the February 2016 Moustache Stationery subscription box. This box was sent to me free for the purpose of reviewing on the blog.

Before you watch the video there are a few things to point out. Firstly this is not a positive review. I have been thinking about whether to post a negative first video review, but if I were to post this as a written review my opinions and conclusions wouldn't be any different. At least in video form you can see some of my emotions behind it. 

I would be grateful to any watchers and readers of the blog for feedback on the video. I already have some ideas for other videos reviews and would like to make them as enjoyable as possible for everyone.