Classroom Friendly Sharpener Review

The Classroom Friendly Sharpener looks like an old fashioned school sharpener that you would have seen years ago in school.

When visiting New York and CW Pencils in September this was one of the first items I spotted. The only colour options available were black and red so I opted for a lovely pillar box red and I absolutely adore it.

The best sharpener I have used

My desk set up

Obviously this is a desktop sharpener and not something that you can carry or move around very easily. I have this set-up on my desk at home and secured it with the handy clamp tool thats included in the box. On the whole this does work well but this sharpener is heavy and can move around quite a bit if not held down when sharpening.

The main benefit with the Classroom Friendly Sharpener is the amazing long point that you get. Before buying this I had used only the Palomino KUM two step, long point sharpener which I thought was good, but it’s nothing like the Classroom Friendly Sharpener. I have never had long points like this before and it makes such a big difference.

KUM long point on the top, Classroom Friendly Sharpener on the bottom

KUM long point on the top, Classroom Friendly Sharpener on the bottom

Benefits of The Classroom Friendly Sharpener

These sharpeners come in a range of colours and you can pick up replacement parts and supplies directly from Classroom Friendly Supplies. Therefore no matter how much pencil sharpening you do, you can repair your sharpener to achieve and retain the perfect point.

When sharpening your pencils the Classroom Friendly sharpener automatically stops once the perfect point has been achieved. You feel the resistance reduce which means the Classroom Friendly Sharpener won’t chew through your pencils unneccessarily.

Next up is the little tray at the bottom of the sharpener. It doesn’t take very long for this to fill up with lovely pencil shavings of all sorts, smelling very woody and intense. I quite enjoy this accumulation of shavings, it almost feels like I have achieved something and can look very pretty with hints of different coloured lacquer.

Some very small downsides

The clamp will leave teeth marks in your pencil. Some people may view this as ruining their pencil and will not appreciate the damage it does to the lacquer, however I love the long point too much to let this bother me.

This sharpener is also noisy when in use. You can’t sneakily sharpen a pencil if a family member is asleep or when on the phone at work. Again this isn’t a huge downside but something to be aware of.

Finally the Classroom Friendly Sharpener only works on standard width pencils. Anything slightly wider or thinner, or jumbo pencils cannot be used in this sharpener.

In Summary

This pencil sharpener is by far the best I have used. It’s not portable but if you regularly use pencils then I would highly recommend buying one of these sharpeners. For those living outside of the US you can order this sharpener online from eBay, the risk is solely in the customs and freight charges. Knowing what I know now I think it’s worth the risk.