Side projects

A Different Kind of Side Project

Like many people I have always had a couple of side projects that sit outside of my regular day job. Over the past few years this has been predominately The Finer Point and my part-time studying, both of which have taken up a large chunk of my spare time.

Over the past few months I have been working on an additional, slightly different kind of side project, which has not been visible to my digital world but the time has come to perhaps share as it impacts things in the short term here.

A week ago today my husband and I welcomed our first child (or stationery addict) into this world. It has been a week of combinations; welcoming our son has been magical, brilliant and totally overwhelming but we have also had one of the toughest of weeks due to some complications I experienced. Everything is now fine.

Due to this side project and being a total newbie, things over the next few weeks won't follow the same format whilst I settle in to motherhood. There will be a little less content, however fear not I am not disappearing! Reviews, posts and my thoughts on stationery will continue once I get settled into my new routine.

Thanks for the continued support of The Finer Point, regular programming will resume shortly.