Used notebooks

Six years of studying complete

Today marks the end of a six year journey. I have handed in my last ever (maybe) piece of homework. Over the last month specifically I have had to put all my spare time into writing which has meant that the blog has suffered.

This year I took a creative writing course which meant that I got to use a lot of paper, ink and pencils. Whilst I have no real measurement for the amount of ink and pencils consumed over this time, I do have a selection of used notebooks. I always enjoy seeing peoples used stationery items moreso than the new stuff and thought I would share some photos here with you.

On the whole I have used A5 composition style notebooks from a number of different brands. I found these a great size to carry around and the slim-line nature was far more comfortable to write in for longer stretches of time.

The majority of the notebook I used were ruled, my preferred grid. The last few notebooks I used were Baron Figs that only had a dot grid.

Some of these have been used for note taking from course materials while the remainder were used solely for drafting and editing some of my creative writing.

Normal blog service will resume over the next week after I have had time to enjoy some celebratory drinks and catch my breath.

5 months in with the Hobonichi Techo

I posted a few months ago about my experience with the Hobonichi. I was very positive back then but new to the Hobonichi planner and we all know new things are fun and shiny. I am now 4 months and 6 days in and I feel an update is in order.  

To start with my conclusion, I am still really enjoying the Hobonichi experience. I adore the paper. This is the only notebook I own with Tomoe river paper and it gives a me the chance to use a fountain pen each day. I am still amazed at how thin this paper is and how well it takes fountain pen ink. 

I use the Hobonichi Techo every day to summarise what I have done and record interesting news. Most of the time my musings are pretty dull. I would like to be a bit more creative with how I use the planner, there are so many different ways people use their planners so I would like to incorporate some different ideas. To get lost for a few hours looking at this stuff check out the Hobonichi love tumblr page or the Hobonichi usage examples

My favourite thing about the Hobonichi Techo is the crinkling of the paper. Now 5 months I get a feel for how the Techo will look at the end of the year. Running your hand over used pages you can feel the indentation of the ink on the page and you get an old crinkle paper noise similar to what you may get with a newspaper. It's a small thing but I don't get this experience with any other notebook I own. My photo below gives you a view of the crinkled paper, its a great used look.

Paper crinkling - the worn look is fantastic 

Paper crinkling - the worn look is fantastic 

Small doodles strewn throughout the planner

Small doodles strewn throughout the planner

I have tried to add in momentos during the year that act as visual reminders. This is still pretty minimal at the moment but so far I have stuck in some photo booth Polaroids from a friends 30th birthday, a doodle of England vs Wales in the Six Nations rugby (England won!), my Harry Potter studio tour at Levesden Studios and a card from my husband on our 2nd wedding anniversary. I also add a small doodle at the top of the page where relevant, like the photo on the right shows of St Georges Day.  

At the start of a new month the Hobonichi gives you a blank page called Coming Up! I try to use these pages to note down interesting things for that month or things I would like to achieve. I don't spend too long on this but it's nice to capture some thoughts and reflect later on. 

I have also been using the month views at the beginning of the planner to doodle (an idea I got from the Hobonichi Usage examples page) and as a calendar snap shot view. This isn't something I spend a lot of time on but again I enjoy playing around with it. 

Mays month view

Mays month view

I have noticed reflecting back on the last 5 months, I am able to track what ink colours I use the most and when I use them. Below is a summary of my ink usage this year.

January - Diamine Orange 

February - Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku / J. Herbain Stormy Grey

March - Diamine Prussian Blue 

April - Diamine Amazing Amethyst

I will definitely be using the Hobonichi system again next year but I think I may try out the Cousin. Sometimes I run out of room on the page or would like to both write something down for the day and add in a moment. It's hard to do both. The Cousin is an A5 version giving you a bit more room, with a cream cover. This Techo is only available in Japanese but I think this just adds to the fun.