Baron Fig Train of Thought limited edition Vanguard.

Baron Fig contacted me and asked if I would like to use and review the Train of Thought limited edition Vanguard notebook. All thoughts in this review are entirely my own.


The Train of Thought limited edition Vanguard notebook was a collaboration with a designer, Zipeng Zhu, who featured in Baron Figs bag Kickstarter campaign. I have been using these Flagship sized notebooks for some time now and wanted to share my thoughts with you in todays review.

The Train of Thought notebook has some very striking cover designs. Each notebook has a section of a train on the front and back cover and has a different colour - purple, green and red.

The artwork continues to the inside cover with each notebook expanding on the theme of seeing where your thoughts take you. The purple notebook has a sleepy night time feel with animals and clouds floating through space. The green notebook is more of a traditional sci-fi take on space with planets and aliens and finally the red notebook is playful with doughnuts, people and flowers floating through space.

Playful, fun and colourful designs. 

Playful, fun and colourful designs. 

The artwork is playful and fun. Its randomness definitely works with the theme of seeing where your ideas take you. As this artwork consumes the covers both inside and out there isn’t the usual information box on the inside cover which does mean theres no room for personal info, but really who cares.


The paper is the normal Baron Fig stock with dot grid ruling inside. The performance is as you expect from Baron Fig products. They take pencils well because the paper has some tooth, fountain pens and inks ar suitable as there is little / no bleed through or shadowing. Essentially you can use most writing tools and you’re fine.



The Vanguard notebooks are solid, with 72 pages per notebook and three notebooks in a pack. I really enjoy their size and the slim form factor because they are comfortable to use and write in for long periods of time. They’re kind of the perfect size with he perfect amount of pages.

You can still get your hands on the Train of Thought limited edition Vanguard notebook, so head over and snap some of these notebooks up.

Thank you Baron Fig for sending me these notebooks to review.

Baron Fig Vanguard Infinity Edition

Over the past few months Baron Fig has become my notebook brand of choice. I really like the simplicity of their designs and the quality of the paper suits the majority of my needs. So when I saw photos of the latest Baron Fig Vanguard Infinity Edition I immediately placed an order.

Prior to using the Infinity edition I had experience with the pocket Vanguard notebooks which meant I had a good idea of what to expect. The Infinity edition comes in the medium, or as Baron Fig refer to it, the Flagship size. This works out as slightly smaller than a traditional A5 notebook. It comes with 72 pages making it a thin workbook or composition book format. I have found this thinner notebook style makes it easier to write in due to the lower profile it has when open, and having fewer pages means its ideal for projects or as I recently found out, a travel notebook as it’s not very bulky.

The Infinity edition comes with the much loved dot grid, off white paper that can be found in all other Baron Fig notebooks. Dot grid paper is fast becoming the preferred grid to please the masses, but personally it’s not my first choice. However I will concede that this grid style does make each notebook extremely versatile.

As you can tell I think there is a lot going for this edition, but most of what I have mentioned above can be found on any of the Flagship Vanguard notebooks. The real selling point of this edition is the beautiful design; it’s simply stunning. The deep purple cover has a slight textured feel to it. The complimenting pink accents are beautiful, the spine stitching, the Infinity shapes on the front cover and then the contrasting use of pink on the inside cover all make the notebook pop. This is the sort of notebook I could hoard, its practically perfect for me.

The gorgeous pink stitching and a glimpse of the textured cover

The gorgeous pink stitching and a glimpse of the textured cover

I really like what Baron Fig are doing these days. They may not be pleasing everyone but they are certainly getting people talking. Their range of products is growing rapidly, it feels like there is a new product every week. I am really excited about Baron Fig and what the future holds.