Worther Shorty

Worther Shorty Pencil Review

The Worther Shorty pencil was sent to me by Pen Heaven to test and review here on the blog. Thoughts shared in this review are entirely my own.


I was not familiar with the Worther Shorty when it was sent to me by Pen Heaven. Mechanical / pencil holders were not on my radar, but apparently the Worther Shorty is a popular choice.

Shorty Specifics.

As the name implies this is a short and chunky hexagonal pencil. I have the Rosa colour but there are loads of different colour variations to choose from. The design of the pencil holder is really simple with no branding despite a tiny hint at the brand name on the top of the knock.


The pencil holder has a soft touch finish to it that really helps with the grip and honestly is one of my favourite features on this pencil holder.


Finally there is a teeny tiny pen clip in case you want to use it. I am not sure how effective this would be, but it’s there.



Now onto the filling...the Shorty holds some chunky graphite (3mm, 7B lead). I am a harder graphite user normally so adjusting to the 7B was a little strange, but when using it for sketching it works quite nicely.


The graphite rests within the pencil and by suppressing the knock and very carefully up-ending the pencil the graphite appears. You then adjust the length in a similar fashion to a traditional mechanical pencil. You also get a few sticks of graphite with the pencil which is helpful and they come pre-sharpened.

As you use the pencil, understandably, it loses it’s pointy tip and wears down with use. I don’t have a tool to sharpen these graphite sticks but even though this is a 7B I haven’t found it wares down too quickly.


Using the Shorty.

I have enjoyed playing around with this graphite holder. The size works well as it fits into most pencil cases or bags, despite the chunk. Plus it’s really light to hold which means if you’re sketching for long periods then you’re not going to suffer from wrist ache.

I will be swapping out the filling on my Worther Shorty for a coloured lead, red or blue, as I am finding it far more enjoyable to use for sketching. I also need a sharpening tool of some description.


Overall thoughts.

I really like my Shorty and I’m pleased it was introduced to me. It’s a simple, compact lead holder that can be adapted to the users requirements and I plan to make some changes. The tactile feel of this pencil is also really nice. It instantly makes this pencil better to use.

I want to thank Pen Heaven for sending me this product to review.