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J. Herbin Lie de The Ink Review

J. Herbins Lie de The has changed the way I feel about brown ink. Before using this ink I didn’t understand why you would buy a brown ink when there were so many other colours available to use. However after browsing around on Instagram I kept seeing a brown ink that caught my eye. I eventually tracked it down to be J. Herbins Lie de The and decided I had to try it out for myself. It's now become one of my favourite inks to use for a variety of reasons.

My first foray into J. Harbin ink.

Lie de The is the first J. Herbin ink I have used. Prior to this I have generally stuck to Diamine and Pilot Iroshizuku ink because I have enjoyed using them and found numerous ink colours that I wanted to try. I had heard good things about J. Herbin inks and as this brown kept catching my eye I bought a pack of the ink cartridges to use in my Kaweco ART Sport fountain pen.

Cool packaging.

The packaging for these ink cartridges is different from anything else I have seen from other brands. You get a nice little metal container which houses your six ink cartridges. The containers have a colour coded lid relating to the ink colour inside, which is very handy when it sits in your draw and you need to find a replacement cartridge quickly. This style of packaging provides more protection to the ink cartridges than the standard card containers used by most other brands. Once I have used up this first batch I will recycle the packaging and house lose ink cartridges I have lying around.

J. Herbin packaging  

J. Herbin packaging  

A gorgeous and fun ink to use.

I have really enjoyed using this ink colour. The ink is wet, I would say wetter than other ink brands I have used. I haven’t run a technical timed test but I have noticed that I need to wait a fraction longer for the ink to dry on the page.

The shading is gorgeous! You get some real contrasts in the colours from almost a light golden brown through to a real dark oaky brown. I use this ink for long form writing and journaling and a full page of written words in this ink colour is a beautiful thing. It is partly because of how good this ink looks on the page that makes me like it so much. I will definitely be investing in a bottle rather than just cartridges so I can use this in a range of other fountain pens.

Hand written review  

Hand written review  

Overall thoughts.

Lie de The has done a number of things for me. Firstly it has made me look at brown inks differently. Part of me wants to try other brown inks, but the other side of me thinks…why bother! This ink is just too good. Secondly it has made me want to explore the J.Herbin ink line a little more. They have so many lovely colours available (Bleu Nuit is next on my list) and if they look and perform anything like Lie de The I may have a new favourite ink brand on my hands.