composition notebooks

Six years of studying complete

Today marks the end of a six year journey. I have handed in my last ever (maybe) piece of homework. Over the last month specifically I have had to put all my spare time into writing which has meant that the blog has suffered.

This year I took a creative writing course which meant that I got to use a lot of paper, ink and pencils. Whilst I have no real measurement for the amount of ink and pencils consumed over this time, I do have a selection of used notebooks. I always enjoy seeing peoples used stationery items moreso than the new stuff and thought I would share some photos here with you.

On the whole I have used A5 composition style notebooks from a number of different brands. I found these a great size to carry around and the slim-line nature was far more comfortable to write in for longer stretches of time.

The majority of the notebook I used were ruled, my preferred grid. The last few notebooks I used were Baron Figs that only had a dot grid.

Some of these have been used for note taking from course materials while the remainder were used solely for drafting and editing some of my creative writing.

Normal blog service will resume over the next week after I have had time to enjoy some celebratory drinks and catch my breath.