Baron Fig Metamorphosis Limited Edition Confidant Notebook

It’s not the biggest secret that I am really enjoying Baron Fig products at the moment. Their range of notebooks have become my preferred choice in both the pocket and flagship sizes. I am currently in my last Infinity Edition notebook which is perhaps the first time I’ve used a whole 3-pack of notebooks after I bought them. But this review is concentrating on the latest Confidant limited edition, the Metamorphosis.

Presentation that feels a little bit special.

Metamorphosis presentation box

Metamorphosis presentation box

When you buy a standard Confidant notebook it arrives in a lovely presentation box that does a good job of making you feel like there is something a little bit special with this notebook. The Metamorphosis edition comes in a pink presentation box with the idea behind this edition printed on the front.

Inside you get a nice info sheet that includes a Van Gogh quote ‘great things are done by a series of small things brought together’. I really liked the idea of this and the colours used so it is currently taped on my office wall.

Whilst the presentation boxes could be seen as an unnecessary addition, that we are paying for, they do serve a purpose of protecting my notebook while it’s on its way to me from the US. I hang onto these boxes and use them to store my used notebooks.

Limited edition design.

The Metamorphosis has a Millennial pink cover and a gorgeous royal blue bookmark. The choice of colours for this edition compliment each other really well. The trendy Millennial pink is subtle and looks really nice on Baron Fig’s signature fabric cover.

The original Confidant and the limited edition Metamorphosis

The original Confidant and the limited edition Metamorphosis

The paper stock inside is dot grid. This isn’t my favourite grid and with Baron Figs paper I do find the dots quite large, but once you start using the paper they quickly fade into the background. I’d really love to see a limited edition Confidant with ruled lines, but I know this wouldn’t be the most popular choice among the masses.

The paper works well.

At some point Baron Fig have improved their paper. I can now use most fountain pens which I love, but the paper suits almost any standard writing tool. It works well with pencils, gel pens, rollerballs and ballpoints and fine liners. That makes the Baron Fig paper versatile and enables me to use this notebook in most situations without having to consider what pen or pencil I may be carrying with me.

Overall Thoughts.

I love the size of Baron Figs notebooks, they are slightly smaller than standard notebook sizes but I like this subtle difference. The Metamorphosis Confidant is a really beautiful edition and I am thoroughly enjoying using my notebook. In general the limited editions that Baron Fig are releasing on their paper products are interesting and have a simplicity to them. I haven’t bought half of what they have released but I like what they are doing and the direction they seem to be taking.