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Uni-Pin Drawing Pen Review

The Uni-Pin has fast become my favourite drawing pen, permanently attached to the pen loop of my Raydori. I stumbled across the Uni-Pin pen in my old University shop. It caught my eye as I had never seen or heard of this drawing pen and I was attracted to its sleek black design.

The Uni-Pin is first and foremost designed for drawing and design use, however I have found that this pen writes really well, even in cursive, which is not something I have found with other drawing pens. I have been using my Uni-Pin as a daily carry pen for a combination of doodling and jotting down notes.  

This drawing pen has a waterproof and fadeproof pigment ink which means that if the ink comes into contact with water it's staying put on the page. This makes it perfect for people who enjoy using watercolours, something I intent to use it for in the future. 

I have this pen in two different tip sizes, the 0.2mm and the 0.3mm. I prefer writing with the 0.3mm tip as I find it's a little bit smoother than the 0.2mm and the slightly thicker line width is easier to read on the page. However for detailed drawing or precision writing the 0.2mm works really well. There are a range of different tip sizes available in the Uni-Pin from the 0.05mm right up to a 0.8mm so all preferences are well catered for. 

The ink flows consistently well in the Uni-Pin and is a lovely deep black colour. The weighting of this drawing pen is really light and well balanced meaning that it is comfortabe to use for long periods of time. I have found it a tad lighter than the Sakura Pigma Micron, and miles lighter than the slightly hefty Copic Multiliner SP.  

The Uni-Pin has a sleek black, stripped back minimalist design. The barrel is completely black with simple white branding. A unique feature to the pen design is a tiny little window in the pen cap which allows you to see the tip of pen which I have not noticed on any other pen. I am not sure of the exact purpose of this window but I imagine it could be useful if you have multiples of the same tip size in use.  

I would highly recommend this pen. It comes in at a good price at around the £1.75 mark making it compatible to other drawing pens on the market, such as the Sakura Pigma Micron, but cheaper than the Copic Multiliner SP (however this one is a refillable pen, hence the addition outlay cost). Even though this is a drawing pen I really enjoy using and writing with it. It's safe to say I will always have one of these pens close to hand.