The First Post

Welcome to The Finer Point. 

This blog has been an idea for some time and today is the day that I take the plunge and bring it to life.


The Finer Point will feature posts and reviews that are relevant to people living in both the analogue and digital worlds. There are numerous pen, pencil and paper blogs which review a vast array of products to a very high standard. Based on this simple fact I will not limit this blog to pen related content alone, although this will play a large part. The Finer Point will merge my love of pens and paper alongside an interest in all things digital. 

My promise for the Finer Point is quality reviews and content posted on a regular basis. This is a learning curve for me and hopefully with time The Finer Point will evolve and grow.

In order to achieve this feedback is always welcome from the community out there. Please feel free to get in touch with me through Twitter or by leaving a comment below.